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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mistletoe Fayre

One of the advantages of living out in the country (and there are many disadvantages) is that this time of year we can choose how much or little we can join the pre-Christmas "shopping madness". When you live in a city or a large town, it is difficult to avoid the Christmas hype, which very often starts as early as the end of September.
Here in the country it is different, Christmas arrives more slowly. It is only now that many villages have their Christmas fairs, with local produce and crafts (some better quality then others).

It would be hard to beat the setting for a Christmas fair to the one of Barrington Court Mistletoe Fayre, which we visited yesterday. Most of the National Trust house have closed for the winter, but Barrington Court opened its doors this weekend, the first weekend of Advent.

Enter through the shop please.

Many of the stallholders were wearing period costumes in tune with the atmosphere of this beautiful Tudor house.

Even some Tudor ladies came to do their shopping here and very kindly allowed me to take a photograph. The one on the left made these wonderful dresses.

The stalls were very varied. You could buy anything from jewellery, to hand made soaps,
lovely local food, from sausages and pork pies, a fresh duck or a goose, beautiful Christmas cakes and puddings, drinks made from the local apples and fruits.

We could even enjoy some entertainment.

This area is close to the Devon and its sheep and there were lots of wool products, but the find of the day for me was

Sharon and her wonderful Five Moons wools, hand dyed in Devon.
This was a real "sweet shop" for me

and of course I could not resist.
This is a beautifully soft 2ply, a mixture of extra fine merino wool and silk, with a touch of silver sparkle, an addition to my knitting stash.

Outside in the apple orchard the trees are full of mistletoe ready for Christmas.

But away from the Christmas market it is a little difficult to think about Christmas just yet, as the nature still insists on hanging on to some wonderful autumn colours.

Have a very good week!


  1. Dear Radka,
    thank you so much that we could join you at this wonderful visit, I would have liked to see ist -
    have a nice time befor Christmas -
    greetings Hanna

  2. Hello, dear Radka! I've missed you as I haven't been on the computer much lately.

    Oh my gosh, I am so envious of you living in such a beautiful and historical place. That fair and it's location is just absolutely gorgeous...and right up my alley. It all looks so magical and I would have loved to have been there, shopping with you. I can definitely see why those yarns caught your attention...such beautiful colors. The one you chose is just lovely!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us...I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Much love,


  3. What can I say Radka. What an interesting post. I love seeing the places you visit. Those ladies in their costumes look so grand. The photograph with the cider is a beauty too, not to mention the wall with the colourful leaves. But, I have to admit to being drawn to the Five Moons information [what have you done!!]. I must go now and look at all the goodies from there. Hope your time before Christmas does not become too hectic. Cheers.

  4. What a lovely outing Radka. I always enjoy your days out. What very beautiful costumes, maybe my favourite time in English historical dress.

    Beautiful wools, just irresistable, love the one you bought, it will be interesting to see what you make with it.

    How nice to see the miseltoe too, a traditional part of our Christmas celebrations, and one of the nicer ones. Anne

  5. Radka, what a delightful place to visit. The wool looks beautiful and such strong vibrant colours.
    I love reading about places you visit.

  6. Radka, again one of your interesting and lovely posts. I like so much the medieval costumes. The wool stand is a eyecandy.I would like to plunge in...and come out with an armful of lovely soft yarns. I love the picture with the coloured ivy.
    I am happy to be able to see your blog.

  7. Che meraviglia Radka carissima!!!!!
    Mi fai sognare, se chiudo gli occhi provo ad immaginare la magica atmosfera..... grazie per mostrare queste meraviglie
    Un bacione!!!!!!

  8. The last picture with the colorful leaves (a sort of vines?) is absolutely great. It looks like painted. Yes, November indeed was a very special month. I can hardly believe that in four weeks, Christmas is almost over. Barrington Courts is a beautiful place for a Christmas Fair...and the ladies in their traditional old costumes match perfect.
    Next week I'll do some Christmas window shopping in London. I don't need anything but I like to look :-). Perhaps I'll see a quilt shop, who knows ;-) !!
    Advent greetings to you!

  9. thanks for the pictures from the Christmas market
    from Barrington Court!
    I look forward to the pictures of your bakeries

  10. Radka, I am slow in commenting. What a lovely outing. The wool does look fabulous. Just as well I don't knit, so I don't need any.


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