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Sunday, 8 January 2012

first week of the year

Festive holidays seem to be long forgotten, although it has been only a week since we celebrated the start of 2012. It has been back to the routine and back to work. The mild weather in our part of the country continues, but we have to remind ourselves that it is only the start of January and anything can still happen.
Have I done any stitching?
I thought I should start a new embroidery project to mark the start of the new year and this is what it looks like so far.

I did a few more stitches on the needlepoint tapestry I was given for Christmas. I also returned to knitting and I am making some progress with my lace scarf.

        I am a bit stuck with regards to the Norwegian jacket, as from this point I will be using only two colours, very similar in shade. I find this very difficult to do in any artificial light. But with the days getting slowly longer now, I should be able to return to this soon.
I have also returned to the "Summer quilt", which I started in the autumn, but which was put aside in the favour of the Scandinavian Christmas quilt. With Christmas behind us, we can now hope for a nice summer. So, a new block stitched today.

Christmas may be a distant memory, but the postman brought a parcel this week, all the way from USA. It is a Christmas present from Cyndi. Cyndi sent this parcel on the 8th December and I know that she has been very concerned about its whereabouts.
It arrived in the end, better late then never. Thank you so much, Cyndi!

As every patchworker knows, you never have enough fabric!
I really like the book, it is a combination of sewing and baking, I love the connection between the two!

I wish you all a very good week!


  1. looks to me as if you have been busy! Put away the stuff that causes stress and concentrate on the others xx

  2. Hi Radka, you look like you are in for a very pretty new year. What gorgeous projects to work on during your winter.

  3. Feliz Año, y por lo que veo la tarea que no falte
    Besos desde Andalucía Mayte

  4. Hello. You seems to been busy and I am glad to see that there are others who jump from one projekt to another :-)
    Beatyful color on your scarf.
    We have a warm winter too but now it is minus 10 so it is just right.
    Have a nice week

  5. I'd leave the two tone knitting until the light is much better too. I love the scarf and the embroidery looks great. The summer quilt also looks amazing.

  6. ciao radka e buon anno!...vedo che hai iniziato alla grande il 2012..un lavoro più bello dell'altro specialmente il primo con il punto vapore....bravissima...

  7. Such lovely stitching to start the year off!!
    I really enjoyed your 'meadow' post, I was also blown away with the beautiful bearded iris photos.
    I must find a spot to add some to my garden now!!!
    Shane x

  8. Much inspiration in your new projects Radka. The knitted scarf looks lovely, what a nice colour.

    I'm impressed by your lovely sharp points on the patchwork square, it's going to be a wonderfully colourful quilt.

    Wonder what you will do with the charm squares, planning can be the best part.

  9. I'm not afraid that you can be bored sometimes :)), with so many beautiful projects started...As I can see, you'll start the new year with a very prolific first week. Keep going.
    Beautiful present you've received. Don't forget to share with us some yummy recipes...and some quilts, too ;)

  10. It's so nice to see the projects you are working on Radka. The embroidery on the dupion looks interesting, and I just love the colour of your scarf. I can understand your frustration with close colours!! What a lovely gift you received from Cyndi, and I'm sure you'll put those charm squares to good use. Thanks again for all your inspiration. Cheers.

  11. so many beautiful hand work you
    show us! Much joy at the finish
    I wish you !

  12. Like you I am jumping from one thing to another. Much inspiration and som many ideeas make one a bit "don´t know what". Yesterdayevening I took part in a needlecafé for the first time. Lot´s of lovely ladies meeting talking, needeling and having tea. It was a very nice experience.
    It is allways nice to read about your days. Good luck!


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