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Monday, 2 January 2012

last walk in 2011

Apparently 2011 was the warmest year for over 100 years here in UK. My initial reaction was to laugh, remembering the last summer (that wasn't).
But of course, they are talking about the average temperature over the whole of the year. Most of autumn was warmer then normally and until now the winter has not really arrived yet, December was very mild, with lots of rain.
On the last day of 2011, after a week of too much visiting and sitting around, we felt we needed a good walk to blow the cobwebs away, as they say. Our usual walk in the forest would had been too wet and muddy, so it was back to Stourhead, with their well maintained paths.

As you can see from some of the pictures, nature is little confused by the warm weather.

Snowdrops already?

But our winter visitors, Canada Geese, are here as usual.

This pair of swans have a permanent home here.



  1. Dear Radka, you made a wonderful walk and that was a good start into the new year.

  2. Hi, Radka. Your photos are beautiful, and I really like your tapestry Christmas present--lovely colors. Looks like you'll have many hours of stitching pleasure in the new year. I look forward to following your projects. And happy new year!
    best, nadia

  3. thanks for taking us on your walk...I agree about the weather, I have bulbs coming up in my garden!! I must have missed the warm part of the year, mind you it went so fast I'm not surprised I missed it!! xx

  4. Happy New Year, Radka! Nice walk and photos.

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of your world. We also had a very very mild Winter until today. We now have 4 inches of snow on the ground which is 2 months late. My Lilac bushes had all kinds of buds on them but I reckon this weather now will take care of them. So sad. Hugs Judy

  6. Lovely photographs as usual Radka, and thanks for taking us along for your walk. It's always so interesting. Love those birds, and the colours in the trees. Strangely enough, I don't think our summer has really started here yet, much hotter in the south though. Take care.

  7. Happy New Year, Radka.
    Beautiful places you've got there, so indeed the walks are really inspiring...
    Oh, the snowdrops without sad...the weather is crazy like it is the same, too. Mild and grey...quite depressing .
    Love your new tapestry kit, I'll wait the day to see it finished.
    keep going ;)

  8. Dear, Radka, Happy New Year.
    cery nice photos.

  9. Radko, nechápu, proč se lámu s angličtinou, když jsi češka jak ...jestli si ještě pamatuješ, tak se píše jak poleno, v dobrém.
    Měj se hezky.

  10. Happy New Year to you, dear Radka! It indeed looks a little like Spring in your pictures. Here too we have had a warm year compared to other years. But I guess the real and cold winter will still come...we only have January now. Wishing you a lot of sparetime for all your creative projects!

  11. Vilka underbara vårbilder! Vill passa på att önska dig ett riktigt riktigt bra år och tacka för alla kommentarer du lämnat på min blogg. Ha en riktigt skön helg.

    Kram Gittan

  12. Hello
    So that´s where the Canada Geese spend the winter. You can keep them over summer too cause I´m tired to clean up after them on the beeche.:-)
    I wish you a Happy new year and looking forward to follow your blog

  13. Hello Radka, I am just catching up after Christmas New Year.
    Also our summer here in Australia has been the coldest in 50 yrs, it is cool again today.Thanks for shareing your walks with us.A pretty stitchery you have started and how wonderful is your blog book. You are so motivating I look foreward to your blog.

  14. Meravigliosa la tua passeggiata Radka carissima e molto belle le tue foto.
    Ti auguro un sereno anno e tanta salute

  15. Wonderful images Radka!
    I envy you in the UK with so many established beautiful parks and gardens to visit.

    My dream is to walk through the woods when the bluebells are in bloom.... Oh to be in England... so does that mean I should visit in April?!~!!

    Lovely post thank you!


  16. dear Radka,
    memories are awake!
    Your wonderful pictures of Stourhed remember the visit of 2006.
    a fantastically beautiful trip in connection with the language school that my husband and I visited in bournemouth.


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