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Saturday, 25 February 2012

sunny Saturday

We had a wonderful spring day today, sunny and warm. It was a real pleasure to spend the afternoon working in the garden, pruning and generally tidying up. The washing on the line was flapping  in the sunshine, simple things in life.......It has been a good day.

My Easter project is now ready for hand quilting and embroidery, which I hope to start tomorrow.

You might remember indigo fabrics I bought from Tiggy Rawling's Indigo Shop in the autumn.
I am now starting to plan the quilt/wall hanging. I keep changing my mind about what exactly I am going to do with it. Initially it was going to be covered in Indian stitching, but I have been looking at some other ethnic embroideries since, so now I think it will end up as a mix of various stitching. In any case, I am prepared for the fact that this is going to be a long project, I hope to get inspired as I go along. For now I am just planning the outline.

I hope tomorrow will be another good day...


  1. I like the colours of your new quilt, and I am sure it will be lovely with all your stitching.

    Your new header is fabulous...spring must be in the air.

  2. Wonderful colour fabric Radka and the snowdrops are looking so wonderful hey x

  3. I wisc you good luck with your new quilt! Here we are celebrating our own lile princess´first year and the new heir princess Estelle of Sweden.

  4. Hello Radka!Love the quilt colours. I think a wallhanging would be a interesting conversation piece with several kinds of embroideries from other ethnic groups including an Indian stitcherie as the embroidery you do is beautiful.

  5. when the sun shines it really puts a spring in your step and inspires ...gardening and sewing. Glad it was a good day x

  6. It must be nice to get out there and get some sun and warmth on your back. Enjoy your spring. Your indigos are gorgeous and i look forward to seeing your embroideries. Di.

  7. Hmm, látky vypadají skvěle. Opravdu se těším, jak se bude projekt vyvíjet dál. S tímhle bych si vůbec neuměla poradit.
    Také tiše závidím jaro. Tady teprve rozmrzáme, což znamená neuvěřitelné mokro a všude bláto. Brr! Nesnáším to.
    Hezký den!

  8. Beautiful snowdrops, wish for spring to come as well. The inspiration for you quilt will come to you - don't rush it.

  9. I love the spring photo! Lucky you...

  10. I think the indigo fabrics will look truly wonderful in a new quilt. I also really love your snowdrops. Sooooooooooooo very pretty they are. Hugs Judy

  11. Hi, Radka. Those snowdrops put on quite a show. The blues are going to make a gorgeous quilt--lovely selection of fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your stitching!
    best, nadia

  12. Blue, I love the fabrics.I know you will have a nice job with it and the embroderies.
    My grandchildren are just gone,some happy days we have had.
    Today SPRING_WEATHER!!!!!!also here.Makes us happy .
    Hugs Gudrun

  13. Dear Radka,
    Your spring pictures are so nice and the new quilt looks more than interesting -

  14. I just adore Indigo fabrics, and lovely to see your stash again. I wish you well with the project, and can't wait to see what you do - as usual.

    Love the snowdrops, such a gorgeous photograph, and I'm so pleased you are having some pleasant weather.

  15. Those lovely blue fabrics!! Really look forward to seeing how you choose to make it up.


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