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Thursday, 23 February 2012

this week's progress

Not much to report, but at last I have started to hand quilt my "Summer quilt".

I have also decided to make "something small" for Easter, the idea being that it will be something quick, so it doesn't become another UFO (I hope).

I wish you all a very good weekend!

By the way, I have turned of the word verification on my blog (at least I think I have - please let me know).
The new version has been driving me mad on other blogs. I am sure there is a good reason why the blogger changed it, but I can't see what was wrong with the old version.



  1. have fun making and finishing your Easter project xx
    If this does not work it must mean I am a robot!! Mind you I think it is only the robots that could understand the word verification xx

  2. I love your violet/yellow color combination for you small Easter quilt. Blogger is starting to annoy me so much I'm seriously considering switching platforms.

  3. Hi Radka, Your Easter project is really sweet and I guess the weather is perfect for a bit of hand quilting! I am struggling with the verification things. I put one in about five times this morning before I got it right. Having not very good eye sight doesn't help! Regards Di.

  4. Lovely quilt projects as always Radka. The summer quilt looks lovely, and the colours in your Easter project are so pretty. I also love the garden photograph, what a beautiful bloom.

    I am having a struggle with the word verification too, can't stand this new one. Must consider the options. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Bellissimi i tuoi progetti, mi piace tantissimo il progetto pasquale. Odio anch'io quelle parole di verifica, personalmente non le ho mai messe.
    Buon weekend, baci

  6. Love your summer quilt! and your Easter project. Those helleborous are gorgeous too.

  7. The colours on your Easter project look so right for Spring, remind me of crocus colours. You definitely have an eye for putting colours together well. I always enjoy seeing what you are doing.

  8. Your quilt is just beatiful. I love the color of the flower. have a nice weekend. Hugs from Norway.

  9. Loving both your projects here Radka...ive started to do a little quilting for the first time....hopefully will put it on my blog 2moro xx


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