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Saturday, 31 March 2012

end of March

and summer has returned to spring. Today is gloomy and cold, but still no rain, which we badly need.
I have made most of the wonderful summer weather we enjoyed until yesterday, stitching in the garden as much as I could. The light is so much better outside then any artificial light inside.

I finished another block of the indigo quilt, with more practice of stitching shishas. I enjoy this relaxed style of embroidery,

which is very different from the more controlled style of my silk project.
Still some more work to be done here.

I also managed to knit few more rows of the lace scarf,

and some more hand quilting of the Summer quilt.

Despite the shortage of water, the garden is slowly waking up and there are more and more signs of life.

Even first plum blossoms.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. That must be the reason I mend so many more quilts in the summer.....
    We thought we had summer as well, now its -8 at night...Grrrr

  2. Spring really has come far where you live.Is it much earlier this year?
    You are busy with several works I can see:-)))
    Hugs Gudrun

  3. That scarf is stunning. Such a beautiful colour! Love your stitching for the indigo quilt and also the silk embroidery too. Your quilting is also looking great. Reminds me that I have one to finish over winter LOL. It has been a work in progress since Sarah was in Grade 2!

  4. Loving your stitching- looks like were back to scarf weather after a hot week that has bought everything far to early.

    I hope this last week wasn't summer.

  5. Our weather is running the gamut, too! It bounces back and forth between Summer and Spring temperatures, with a few Winter temps in there, too. But we are getting lots of rain. That's typical for us here in the Spring, and then we don't get any in the Summer months! :o(

    All of your flowers are so beautiful...right now my azaleas and Dogwood tree are blooming...and my lilacs are on the verge. Hoping they are open by Easter Sunday!

    You do the most fabulous embroidery, Radka, and that lace scarf you are knitting is GORGEOUS!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend!



  6. Hi Radka, my goodness, what beautiful photographs again. I always enjoy 'your garden'. They blooms are starting, that is wonderful. I know how you feel about natural light, however, I very rarely go outside to stitch, as we seem to have too many flies!!!

    The daffodils in the header photo are simply delightful!!

    I love all your embroidery and quilting, but that Indian stitchery is certainly eye catching and interesting. Have a lovely week.

  7. Ahoj,Radko,
    i u nás se počasí poněkud pokazilo,ale věřím,že se hezké dny opět vrátí a už se těším na to jak se všechno kolem zazelená.Celá tvoje práce je nádherná a perfektní. přeji hezké dubnové dny ahoj Libuše

  8. Hi, Radka. Thanks for stopping by. Your stitching is lovely, as usual. The shisha embroidery is fun, but the silk is really sophisticated and elegant. Knit lace is one of my favorite kinds of lace, but soooo time consuming. LUV that pink flower photo--a weird tulip?
    best, nadia

  9. I would love to be sewing in your garden Radka. It always looks lovely.
    Your silk project is very pretty and delicate and I can't believe the lace scarf it is beautiful knitting.

  10. I too love that scarf Radka. So feminine. the indigo quilt is coming along well too.
    I love the spring garden pics.

  11. Lovely photos Radka, your garden is just a little ahead of mine. I have watched your amazing slide show, such a variety of needlework skills. You are so talented.

  12. Dear Radka,
    a nice "Easter Festival" for you and your family !!!

  13. Radko, přeji krásné velikonoční svátky!


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