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Saturday, 24 March 2012

March Saturday

Spring? We have summer!
Today's early morning walk, in a lovely warm sunshine, took us past the smell of freshly cut logs

to Parkhill Camp, an Iron Age settlement, about which I wrote before here.

There had been a lot of activity here during the winter, some of the large beech trees have been cut down.

It is all still looking very bare here, but in the few weeks time the floor here will look like this, a carpet of bluebells.

For now we are happy to see some wild primroses.

Back at home, while working in the garden, not a meter from the hedge, I realised there was a pair of little eyes watching me.

A mum blackbird, sitting on the nest, in March! She did not mind while I went to get my camera and took a picture.

In the balmy 18C we took some garden furniture out of the winter storage and spent the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine.

A good time to start the next stage of my Indigo quilt.

More of the same tomorrow? I hope so!

I wish you also a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a lovely day you have had! We are expecting rain tomorrow, which we really need. So I hope to get some serious stitching time in.

  2. Hi! Radka, what lovely places for your walks the bluebells are so pretty.I must get motivated for some early morning walks . It is a great time of the day.

  3. thanks for sharing your day with us... looks wonderful, I have lots of bluebells coming up in the garden... hope for some more colour soon x

  4. U nás je to podobné, místo jara nastupuje léto. Přiletěli špačci, už si tu nějakou dobu prozpěvují svoje namlouvací trylky. Cibuloviny nevykvetly pěkně po sobě, ale všechny naráz a během týdne. Včera jsem poprvé zažila březnovou bouřku. Bylo černo, hřmělo neustále, ale nepadla ani kapka. Bylo to divné. Doufám, že rok nebude tak suchý jako je toto jaro. Není to přirozené, zřejmě by to znamenalo bídu na polích.
    Sluníčko je určitě příjemné pro všechny, ale déšť přináší život.
    Hezký den!

  5. I love the smell of freshly cut logs, but the sores in the woods...Well, some things have to get done.
    I have some blackbirds as well, following everywhere when gardening, not a half meter away, looking with black eyes at me like begging for some worms.

  6. Radka, thanks for such lovely pics.

    Of course we are enjoying early Autumn which means cold nights and mild days, lovely.

    We sit outdoors as much as possible.

  7. I enjoy your Sat. walk with you and seeing all the beauty of nature. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy

  8. What a lovely site on your walks Radka, those bluebells such beat my boring old gravel road with grass any day!! Thanks for sharing such a peaceful place.

    Of course, I can see why you would be eager to sit and stitch outside, your garden is obviously a source of great pride and inspiration for you, congratulations. I wish you well with your embroidery, and especially that you can find some 'spare time' somewhere. Cheers, and have a wonderful week.

  9. Nice that you are getting some lovely warm weather, Radka. I love the bluebells, so beautiful. Your indigo quilt is looking great.

  10. Dear Radka

    OH TO BE IN ENGLAND - now that April's nearly here...tra la!
    Your forests are magical places and I can understand why so many writers were inspired by them - especially the ones who wrote and the flowers, little animals and folk of the forests.

    Enjoy the best season of all SPRING time!

  11. Isn't this weather just wonderful? It is so good to be outside enjoying the blossoming garden, countryside, and stitching! Looking good. I feel another indigo vat coming on this afternoon!

  12. The English country gives way to bluebells, a lovely sight. Autumn is approaching and the blackbirds in our garden are friendly also, the scents from the nature around us are unique, like none other.


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