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Saturday, 3 March 2012

not just good journeys

I called my blog "my stitching and other journeys", because it is not just about stitching, and sometimes I  have taken you with me on "other " journeys, visits to nice and interesting places.
So, I was very undecided if I should take you with me this time, a journey of a different kind.
Because I have been using my blog as a kind of a journal, in the end I have decided to record this journey also. As far as I know, most of my blog visitors are women, and therefore will understand. It will also explain why I haven't kept up with your blogs past week or so.

As most of you of a certain age would have been called from time to time for a routine breast screening, so have I. In the past my every visit to a mobile screening unit was followed by a "all clear" letter.
Unfortunately not this time, they found something which wasn't there before. When the letter arrived last Tuesday, it gave me a shock, as you can understand. I was given an appointment in two days time for a second screening, this time at our county hospital some 40 miles away. Needless to say that two sleepless nights followed, during which my mind was conjuring up all sorts of scenarios. It was difficult to go on with the day to day routine. So, on Thursday DH and I (him for moral support, trying hard not to show how worried he was) drove to the hospital.
I am not going to bore you with the details, but after another mammogram and an ultrasound, some prodding with a needle to take a sample to be sent for testing, I am now waiting for the results. A week they said. However, I am calmer now. The staff at the breast care unit were friendly and smiling, the female doctor young and chatty, explaining all, while she was doing her job. I know now where the problem is and that it is being dealt with. It was the fear of the unknown which temporarily sent me spinning out of my orbit. If I'll have to go back, I will know what to expect.
There is an English saying that "an ignorance is a bliss", what do you think?
Oh, shall I mention the terrible coffee in the hospital restaurant? Or the machine at the hospital car park "pay station", which would not take our money ( high fees charged in most English hospital car parks) until a "technical help" was called, by which time a long queue formed behind us? They are all small details.........

I wish you all a pleasant weekend!


  1. A difficult journey Radka and one I can emphasise with - I have been on that particular one and that is another story. Take care.

  2. I'm deeply thinking of you and crossing my fingers :)
    And no I don't think ignorance is a bliss! I always want to know what I can expect.
    I'm pretty sure that beeing a recent find everything will run well for you.
    BIG HUG, my dear!

  3. Dear Radka, please breath deeply and take everything with great calm. I passed , just like you, two years ago, through all these steps and great emotions, just to find out that was a kind of false alarm. A harmless nodule and nothing else...
    Wishing you strenght and confidence in yourself, I'm sending you a big hug which hope to relief you.

  4. Dear Radka,

    Good luck, I hope you get the all clear. Keep us all posted, we do care about our blogging friends and worry when things happen to them.

  5. Hello Radka, I can't imagine how you are feeling but pray everything is ok.
    Stay strong you will be in my thoughts .


  6. Hello, dear friend! I hate that you are having to go through this....I, too, have had a scare like this and it turned out to be nothing but dense breast tissue. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and praying specifically that you get the all clear! As far as ignorance is bliss....I don't think so. If we don't do routine checks with our doctors, evil things can creep in unknown and we end up with a terrible fight on our hands. Knowledge is power!

    Stay strong, my friend!

    Love you,


  7. hopefully by sharing this journey you will feel that you are amongst friends... many of who know exactly how you feell... because we have also tyravelled it. You are in my thoughts, VERY best wishes coming along the e-waves. Know we are here... whatever the outcome xx

  8. My Dear Radka, I too have walked this road, twice in fact but all was well as I hope and pray you will be. For as long as you need you will be in my thoughts and prayers, and Ignorance is never best - if you know what you are dealing with then you will find the strength to cope. All of us here in the ether are with you in spirit.Hugs Lorraine

  9. Stay strong Radka. You are in my thoughts.

  10. I cannot imagine the chock and all what you are going through. I wish you a lot of strenght and hope; all the best!

  11. Radka, I am so sorry to hear you have had to go through this, and will be thinking of you in the days to come. I sincerely hope that like many of us you will find it was not important after all, but if that is not the case you know you will have the love and support of all of us in this wonderful cyber community.

    love and hugs from across the world.

  12. Been down that track when I was only 21 and it was so scary. All clear after following the same path you have just journeyed. I am sending you some big hugs, saying a prayer or two and wish you well. Keep busy and try not to worry too much.

  13. Radka, thanks for feeling that you could share this other journey with your blogging friends.

    I will be thinking of you.

  14. come donna ti sono vicinissima...anche se siamo lontane c'è il blog che ci unisce e un sentimento che è nato grazie a questo..."affronta il toro per le corna" come si dice qui in italia e rifugiati anche nel tuo piccolo mondo creativo così la testa non si fisserà troppo su uello che stai vivendo...ti abbraccio tanto

  15. Milá Radko, přestože se příliš neznáme, nebo známe jenom krátce, myslím, že i internetoví známí a přátelé jsou tu od toho, aby se společně radovali nebo druhého podporovali, když zrovna neprožívá nic radostného.
    Chci říct, že jsem v duchu s vámi a věřím, že všechno dobře dopadne.

  16. In Sweden we say that we keep our thumbs and I keep both of mine for you and that it in the end vill be "all clear". I´m glad that you have your family as support. It´s a awful thing to go throug but in the end you will be stronger

  17. Radka, I will keeop everything crossed for you that it turns out to be nothing to worry about, as so many of your friends have reported it was with them.

    I think the tests we have available to us now, are so beneficial and most of us like to be fully informed.

    Just love your lovely daffodil header.

  18. I am so sorry to hear about your health difficulties !! I realy hope everything turns out just fine for you... I know you must be very worried. Take care and you will be in my thoughts!

  19. Its horrible to open a letter like that and not get what your expecting! my thoughts are with you while your going through a tuff time.

  20. Oh dear, Radka, I've just seen this post. I wasn't 'around blogs' much over the weekend, so did not know about this. I am so sorry this has come along to worry you. I can only hope things will be well when all the results are back. Please know I am thinking of you, and wishing you well. Do try to stay calm.

  21. Dearest Radka.
    I am behind reading and just saw your post.
    First of all I want to say, that you must be a strong woman, being able to share this with us. I will keep my fingers crossed and hoping for the very best for you. Take care, breath deep and think positiv.

  22. I have only just found your post as I have been away for a few days. Keeping fingers crossed for you and thinking of you. Keep those fingers busy with more beautiful projects! Jacky and Steph. X

  23. Radka carissima solo ora ho letto il tuo post, sono profondamente dispiaciuta, ho provato una volta anch'io questa paura e ora ogni volta che faccio i controlli sono agitata, ma so che agitarsi peggiora solo la situazione, quindi ti esorto a rimanere più tranquilla possibile. Penso comunque che tu ci stia riuscendo visti i risultati del tuo stupendo ultimo lavoro. Ti abbraccio forte e ti dico : in bocca al lupo!!!!!!!!!!
    Un bacio

  24. Dear Radka I have had visitors for the week and have just read your post today. I am sorry this has happened to you as I fully understand the shock and disbelief as I have been on this trip and it is a very anxious time. Try to stay positive and strong. I will be thinking of you as you have become a dear blogging friend.


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