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Sunday, 4 March 2012

something for Easter

Stitching is a bliss. And this week it proved to be a good therapy, because it helped me to calm down and carry on.

Last week I showed you the start of "something small for Easter". And here it is, a small spring tablecloth.

All applique and quilting is hand stitched.

Have a wonderful week !


  1. è meravigliosa cornicw con le viole poi...è il massimo......

  2. Je to moc krásný a vesele jarní ubrus.
    Jsem ráda, že na duši už je líp. Přeju hezké dny.

  3. I just read what happened to you! I'll cross my fingers for a good result, wishing you all the best (besides I also know your fears, the sleepless nights, all the thoughts turning in your head). It will certainly everything be ok again!
    Your Easter project is very nice. Do you applique the hearts by hand or by machine?

  4. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs Gudrun

  5. Loving the colours to this Quilt just starting to do might be needing you help at some point x

  6. Ahoj Radko,
    Ubrus je moc,hezký a jako vždy perfektně vypracovaný.
    I já jsem poslední dobou prožívala a vlastně stále prožívám obavy o zdraví, sice ne o svoje, ale o zdraví blízkého člověka.Život dovede s člověkem hodně zacloumat.Věřím,že se vše v dobré obrátí a přeji Ti všechno nejlepší a samé hezké dny.Ahoj Libuše

  7. The little quilt is gorgeous Radka. Pansies are my husband's favourite flowers. I love the border fabric, it is so beautiful. I hope your days are not so upsetting, and you will hear good news soon. Cheers.

  8. I love the pansy quilt Radka, the quilt is beautiful, hugs and good wishes for positive news.

  9. dear Radka,
    a beautiful tablecloth! The colors are like spring!

  10. Dear Radka
    I agree, stitching is a very calming pastime.
    Your tablecloth will look wonderful on your Easter table.

    I'm sorry I missed your previous posts but I've emailed you.
    I've had problems with blogger and lost everyone on my blog list - I think I inadvertantly pressed the wrong button - my eyes are a problem......

    Shane x

  11. The pansy quilt is lovely Radka, It will look beautiful for spring and Easter.I pray good news comes to you soon.


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