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Thursday, 26 April 2012

another craft fair

I have not been feeling very inspired recently, I don't seem to be able to get into any stitching, may be because I am feeling little tired.
It has probably a lot to do with the kind of the weather we are having at the moment. After the fantastic start to our spring it all went backwards, cold and frost, which now is being followed by torrential rain and high winds, enough to make you feel miserable.
When the invitation to the Creative Craft Show at Bath & West Showground arrived, I did not think I would go. This is an annual show, close to where I live. It has been going down the hill for the past few years, being taken over by card making and anything paper (which is great if you like cardmaking). But I always went, in a hope of some improvement, and because it is only some 10 miles up the road, but returning home disappointed again.
Last minute decision to go was mostly due to the fact that today I was driving past anyway, so I stopped by. I am glad I did! At last the organisers listened to complains from textile crafts people!
This year there is so much more for quiltmakers and embroiderers.

So, after thinking that I would be in and out in no time, with very little in my bag, the opposite was happening, as my bag was filling up quite quickly.

fabric and Lynette Anderson's pattern from Cross Patch


threads from Polstitches ( I could spend a lot more money there)

and more fabric from Sew Enchanting, this time a background for stitcheries, for Lynette Anderson's BOM "Fernhill" (first part arrived this month), and a pretty fat quarter.

some buttons from Fantastic Ribbons and Stitch Witch

there was also a stand with MDF blanks, not of any immediate interest, but worth knowing about

It was time to go, just a quick look upstairs to take a picture. Usually there isn't so much up here, some half a dozen stalls of various guilds. But there in the corner I found Margaret Beal with her soldering iron. Some of you might know her book:

But I had to leave, no time to join her workshop. May be next time...

Today was a good day for inspirations...........


  1. I love going to quilt shows here in the US just for the market booths. I'm sure the weather gets you down, but here in Southern California I love seeing any kind of rain. We just don't get enough. The "big storm" we were expecting for today only produced a few drizzles. I love your purchases and look forward to seeing what you will make of them.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Not very inspirational out there is it? So wet and dull, except for the lush growth in the garden.

    A good shopping expedition lifts the spirits and you did very well. May be this weekend you might just find you have to play with some of your purchases.

    I'm off to the Brockenhurst Textile Fair this weekend. The Circles quilt finished in time. A little shopping might take place!

  3. For me it is very inspiring to read your blog. Sorry to here that you are feeling tired. Today I thing spring is coming back to us in Sweden. We hope to have no more snow - the snow -this time of year - really makes you sad.
    I love the bag with the manycoulored buttons.
    Keep going!

  4. Pleased to see you had a nice "pick-me-up
    trip to the craft show and found some interesting things to buy. Love the colourful buttons.

  5. Good luck with all your wonderful fabrics an other things!
    Hope the sun will shine over you soon!
    Here it is wonderful.
    Hugs Gudrun

  6. Hello Radka,
    What a shame I didn't know you would be at the show, I was there all day yesterday on the Region 5 Quilters Guild stand on the upper level. Who knows we may have seen each other with out realizing. It would have been great to meet you in person. Still that's life I guess. Glad you liked the show better this time, it was the first time I had been so didn't know what to expect. Any chance you may go to Malvern next month??

  7. Looks like you had a great visit with some lovely purchases. Sometimes we just need to take some time out and renew our creativity. Take care.

  8. Beautiful purchases

  9. Beautiful purchases

  10. Those craft shows always help to get the creative juices flowing. Your show looks just like the one we have in Brisbane. It was all beading one year but then next time there was a lot more textile stuff. You got some lovely purchases. Di.


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