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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I am taking a break from blogging and lots of other things.
But I will be back, so keep stitching! I will come and check!


  1. Have a lovely break I am taking one too. VBG Hugs Judy

  2. Happy break!

  3. Hi Radka, I hope the break is just for making life more relaxing. I will miss your posts: they are always interesting and inspiring.

    Dian xx

  4. Enjoy your brake and come back soon.

  5. Dear Radka.
    I hope, you will enjoy your blog-break and I will be looking forward to find you back again :-)
    Thank you for sharing the womderful flower photos from your garden.

  6. Take care whatever you are doing. We will miss your gorgeous photographs, and interesting information. I am sure you will be busy.

  7. Have a well deserved break Radka. Come back refreshed. We will miss you.

  8. I will miss your beautiful photos and peaceful thoughts...but I'll wait patiently your return :). Please relax and take full advantage of this break.

  9. you will certainly be missed Radka, all your musings etc and not forgetting your lovely flowers.
    Come back refreshed, we are all here and waiting!!

  10. Have a lovely break Radka I am going to miss your inspirational posts.Take Care Stay happy and well. x

  11. dear Radka,
    have an nice summer-break with much
    time to be creative !

  12. dear Radka,
    have a nice break - I look forward to your next post !
    greetings from Bavaria

  13. Hope everything is ok with you and yours. I have been missing seeing about the beautiful places you visit and what you have been doing at home too. Take care...

  14. Hi, Radka. Have enjoyed all your garden photos lately. Just so lovely. Hope you have a good summer break.
    best, nadia


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