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Saturday, 12 May 2012

sunshine Saturday

Cold nights, still possibility of frost, clear sky. This morning we woke up to a wall to wall sunshine, at last! To make most of it, a quick walk across the Common before breakfast, picking some wild flowers on the way. Cold north wind in our faces on the way back.

            Last night I finished the first stitchery of Fernhill BOM. Second one should arrive soon.

More sunshine due tomorrow, but back to rain on Monday (so they tell us).
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi, Radka. Cool embroidery! I also like your Indigo quilt stitching. That's going to be a beautiful quilt. And I really liked your Summer quilt--those fabrics just make it dance!
    best, nadia

  2. Molto belli i tuoi fiori e anche il tuo stichery. Bravissima. Baci

  3. Radka you stitchery is so cute,enjoy the sunshine.

  4. I like your stitcery Radka, it is cute. Those threads look good. I hope the weather changes for you soon.

  5. Radka those wildflowers look so pretty.
    The stitchery is very cute.

  6. Gorgeous stitching, beautiful wildflowers and stunning blossum in your header. What a fiest for the senses. Its a wonderful cold day here cuddled up on the bed with Tess, Merlin and Grace watching Landline followed by Gardening AUstralia while checking blogs and knitting.

  7. Your stitchery is cute. Love your header photo - is this in your garden? Even though I love our native plants here in Aust, I always love looking at the beautiful English countryside and gardens.

  8. Dear Radka.
    What a cute stitchery. Looking forward to see the next one :-).

  9. Hi Radka, so pleased to hear you had some sunshine for a little while at least. Your wildflowers look so dainty. I absolutely adore the new header, what gorgeous blooms.

    The stitchery has come up beautifully of course, and it will be a pleasure following it as you work more blocks.

    I hope your week is going well. Quite chilly here this morning, but today is glorious.

  10. Dear Radka

    Oh my gosh - that flowering Cherry is outstanding - is it in your garden. What a joyful Spring sight for you each day.

    The stitching is very pretty!

    Cold wind in my face on my park walk late afternoon yesterday - but we are in Autumn and only 15 days away from the first day of Winter grrr>
    BUT that's the day I'll be winging my way to France and hopefully warmer days once again!!


  11. Love that picture with the flowers, I can see the sunshine coming through the window. Your stitchery is so nice! Enjoy your week, Clara.

  12. Ahoj Radko,moc hezká kytice i nádherná a pečlivá práce.Přeji hezké tvořivé dny ahoj Libuše


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