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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sweden 2012 - part 2

Friday 8th June - time to pack and move on. A half a day's drive and we are getting close to our home for the next week.

This holiday cottage is more modern and spacious.
We are now in the area close to the Tiveden National Park, between two Sweden's larges lakes, Vanern to the north and Vattern to the south of us. They are so large that the Swedes call them seas.

The weather has not been wonderful. Despite the sunshine in my last pictures, most of the time we had a very cold, strong winds.
Here in the forest it feels much calmer. And after what we hear about the horrendous weather back in UK, we are not complaining. We can always turn the heating up.

Some of the pictures from our walks close to the cottage.


Not far from us is a place called Forsvik, on the Gota Canal. Gota Canal links number of lakes and rivers to create a route from the west coast to the east coast of Sweden. There is an interesting Industrial Museum in Forsvik, which we visited in the past,

                                 you can see this little steam boat in the lake opposite.

This time we have  come here just to sit and watch the traffic on the canal, on the warm sunny day. The locks can get quite busy in the summer,


as can numerous road bridges.

Wooden houses of Mariestad

and Gota Canal joining lake Vanern in Sjotorp,

                                                overlooked by more pretty wooden houses.


  1. It all looks wonderful Radka. I'm glad you have had such a lovely trip. I love those red houses even on a dreary day you can feel the warmth.

  2. Radko to jsou krasne fotky z krasneho prostredi,vsechno tam pekne kvete a v lese to muselo byt hezke.Ta ulice domku se mi libi.

  3. Radka, you visited lovely places, blooming all over. Your photos are wonderful - we have never been there.....

  4. thank you for sharing your holiday with us, such a beautiful setting for the cottage, I am sure you will go home rested and refreshed.


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