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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sweden 2012 - part 4

Friday 15th June - leaving our holiday cottage, we are driving west, to a large town of Skovde. We will be spending weekend with old friends we have know for some 30 years. We met during our first ever trip to Sweden, or rather, our children met on a campsite's playground. We visited each other many times since, but this time, for the first time, we will not only see their children, but also all 6 grandchildren together.

It is  sunny day and we arrive just in time for BBQ.

The advantage of having friends living locally is that they show us places we might not find ourselves.

Like this fantastic wild flower meadow,


on the way to a wild garlic woodland area. Yes, we have wild garlic in UK, but I have never seen it to cover such a large area. Unfortunately, the picture did not come out......On the way back stopping at a village hall for coffee and a home made cake.

Next, visit to a craft village of Hallekis.

Two rows of cottages, rented to crafts people during the summer, who exhibit and sell their products here.

A wonderful idea, athough a little overwhelming to see so much skill in one place.
One needs to go more then once to take it all in, but no time...
My favourite was a traditional local embroidery, similar to the one we saw in our first cottage.

With a typical attitude " I can make that" (and a shortage of funds by now), I did not buy a ready product, but a couple of pattern cards.

Of course, this could be a long time in making :-)

We had a lovely weekend. Thank you Maj and Jan!

Monday morning and we are on the road again, going south, back to the province of Halland, where we started from.
A short stop in Laholm for last minute shopping. If you go far back in the history, this area of Sweden changed owners many time, from Sweden to Denmark and back, depending who won a battle on the day. The Danish influence can still be seen in Laholm's architecture.
It was raining, so no great picture.


   But in the local Red Cross shop I found this little embroidery, which just wanted to come home with me.

We spent the night in a motel, close to Helsinborg's ferry and in the morning crossed to
Denmark. Driving direct west, the day was warm and pleasant, a chance for last pictures

We arrived in the port of Esbjerg with enough time to look around the town,

before boarding the 18 hour ferry back to UK, together with a group of vintage cars, back from a rally around Scandinavia.

The evening was warm and calm. The ship's captain suggested to see the sunset from the deck at around 22.00. If I was the suspicious kind, I would say that this was all arranged!

                     Best night sleep I had in a long time. How different from 3 weeks ago!

I hope you enjoyed at least some of the pictures. If you would like to see different part of Sweden, you can click on Sweden 2010, under my Labels



  1. thanks for sharing your holiday with us, it has been great following you and feel I have had a holiday myself, some wonderful photos, thanks

  2. So lovely to see you have had such a nice trip. I took the same ferry from Esbjerg last summer. Didn't have the same sunset, though! :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I love seeing the pics and reading all about it.

  4. Podle vsech fotek co jsi nam ukazala jste mely krasnou dovolenou.Bylo moc hezke s tebou cestovat.

  5. What a lovely trip you had! I've never been to Sweden (maybe someday). Thanks for posting the pictures.

  6. What a wonderful holiday you have had Radka, in such an interesting part of the world. Will look forward to seeing that embroidery pattern in the future.

  7. Radka, thank you so much for sharing such glorious photographs. I love the architecture, such lovely shops in your part of the world. I love the pattern you purchased, and the gorgeous embroidery. What a calm sea at sunset, no wonder you had a pleasant sleep. Thanks for the 'trip'. Cheers.

  8. Hello Radka,Beautiful photos of your holiday. I love holiday photos. I feel like I am there. Some lovely towns you have visited. Calm waters for the ferry ride. Not like when we went across to Ireland some time ago,Lovely sunset photo .Thanks for shareing your trip.


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