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Saturday, 30 June 2012

sweet, sweet home

Thank you so much for your patience, your lovely comments and your emails about my holiday pictures. Being away 3 weeks from work, home and garden of course takes its toll, and it means a lot of catching up. The garden looked like a jungle, very "green" due to all that rain while we were away. All seems back to normal now - "what holiday?" I will also try to catch up with you all as soon as I can, to see what you have been up to in my absence!

I have not been idle while away, I took some stitching with me. I can't show you all of it just yet, some is a present not yet given, but you might remember this stitchery for a cushion, from a design by Lynette Anderson, I started before I went away. I finished stitching it on holiday and made up the cushion today.

I seem to have some problem with the Blogger since back, the spellcheck doesn't work and also some uploading is not going that well. Anyone else with the same problem?


  1. Che vacanza fantastica, veramente una meraviglia. Molto bello anche il tuo cuscino. Se da te piove, qui manca l'acua e fa un caldo pazzesco, sembra di impazzire. Baci

  2. Me alegro de que pasara unas vacaciones fantásticas
    El cojín es precioso
    Saludos: Mayte

  3. WHat a sweet little cushion. Love both the colours and the design.

  4. good to see you have not been slacking on your stitching whilst away!!!
    you ask about problems on internet, I am having speed problems taking ages to open sometimes but that is all, no doubt my provider will sort it out one day the question is when!

  5. Ahoj Radečko,jsem ráda,že Tě zde zase vidím.
    Tvoje dovolená byla jistě nádherná,obdivovala jsem fotky.
    Hned jsi se dala zase do práce polštář je moc hezký,perfektní práce.Moc zdravím Libuše

  6. This cushion is so pretty Radka, as is all the stitching you do. I am sure you will catch up in time. Why is it that it seems to take so long for us to do so these days........LOL..... Hope the weather continues to be kind to your beautiful garden. It's quite chilly here, but Queensland winters aren't bad really. Take care.


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