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Monday, 2 July 2012

July Sunday

July, really? Are you sure?
Monday morning and we have more of the same - RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! At the moment they are not promising us anything else, something to with the Jet stream being too far south for this time of year. Whatever.....

So the little break in the cloud yesterday was more then welcome and we could go on our usual Sunday morning walk in the forest.

to watch the bumble bee working ever so hard,

to look for wild orchids and pick tiny wild strawberries.

By the afternoon - more rain. Back inside...
You can't beat the smell of fresh baking on a wet Sunday afternoon,

apricot cake

and enough bread for the week.


I wish you all a very good week!


  1. Welcome back to summer in England! I so enjoyed your holiday posts. It all looked so gorgeous. Meanwhile, where did I put my wellington boots!

  2. Hello Radke, Oh, how I love seeing photos of your Sunday walks in the forest. Those foxgloves flowers are stunning. Oh, how I wish we could have some of your rain, here it has been a very very awful HOT Summer with little rain. The cool air just does not seem to be strong enough to push down the heat to the south again. Lovely post. Hugs Judy

  3. You're a very lucky girl getting to so and see that on your daily walk. Love seeing your pics

  4. Radko mate okolo vas krasnou prirodu,ja se na zahrade piplam s Foxglove a u vas roste podle cesty a dvakrat tak velky,to asi bude tim ze u vas hodne prsi.Vuni lesnich jahod si jen pamatuji z detstvi.Tvuj chleba vypada pekne ,urcite i dobre chutna.

  5. I simply adore foxgloves, and wish that we could grow them here. I love your walks, so thanks for always sharing them with us. Your cooking looks wonderful too. I really need to come and visit, that bread looks delicious, and several slices with my thick home made soup would be most enjoyable I'm sure. Sorry to hear the weather is still not behaving normally.

  6. how I enjoyed strolling through the forest with you, glad you took us whilst dry.
    Wet here in Leeds too, the weeds seem to be growing twice as fast as usual but some of the plants are doing really well too. I have quite a few self seeded foxgloves the birds must have had a hand in that and they are taller than usual.
    Your bread has made my mouth water and I could almost smell it baking.

  7. lovely walk... save me a cake!! x

  8. Lovely photos! It's so nice to see others who make their own bread. Send some of that rain our way! We're in Colorado with the worst fires in the state's history.

  9. Yummy looking food and yummy flowers too. A lovely post and I, too, love to go on your forest walks with you Radka. Hope your rain stops soon!

  10. ...think alike! Do you think it is the same bee :)


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