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Thursday, 12 July 2012

no change in weather

It is official, the hosepipe band has been lifted in all area where it was still in force. You can't help but smile.
And still more rain. More flood warnings. Still no summer.

Our beautiful Dublin Bay rose being hammered by the rain earlier today,

and half an hour later as wonderful as ever. A real survivor.

I finished a stitchery for the second part of Fernhill BOM.

I am behind, part 3 arrived while I was away and part 4 came today. I am enjoying these little stitcheries, but I am also still working on a secret project, which I hope to show you soon.


  1. such rain but today the sun is shinning here in Leeds so grass will be cut and will spend hours in the garden making the most of it. Like you the roses have been badly effected, I got 6 bushes very cheaply last autumn, random ones, they have all flowered, unfortunately all red or pink but can not complain as 5 of them are scented, beautiful they are but the wind and the rain meant they did not last 5 minutes.
    Your stitching projects look very interesting and now wait in anticipation to see what your secret project is.

  2. sun in Cheshire this morning!! going to going to try and find the garden... rather the weed patch that my garden has become!! howcome it is the weeds... with NO flowers that flourish! have fun with your sewing xx

  3. Tak u nás už také od čtvrtka prší a přší,musím přiznat,že po těch vedrech,která Brno od začátku prázdnin sužovala je to příjemná změna.Tvoje práce je, ostatně, jako vždy nádherná. Zdravím přeji hodně sluníčka Libuše.

  4. Wow, Radka! You were right about your rain. Yes, it would be wonderful if you could send some my way. 40 C. today. Adorable stitching project, by the way.
    best, nadia

  5. Don't you just love the logistics of rules and regulations......... What a beautiful sight that rose must be 'in person'. I adore the raindrops images!! Love your stitching of course, and always interested to see what you are making. I do hope you manage some garden stitching again soon. Cheers.


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