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Sunday, 19 August 2012

this week's update

It has been a wonderful weekend, the weather has settled down to summer one at last and we have been making most of it; we moved out into the garden; relaxing, reading, eating all our meals outside....

I have been making most of this "stitching in garden " weather and finished no2 block of Yoko Saito's mystery quilt. Even the black cat seems to be jumping with joy (or has it just been pushed of the roof by the mystery bird and has not landed yet?)

But the building continues, block no3 is well under way.

Ideally I would like to finish this and no4 block by the time no5 is published in the next issue of the Quilmania magazine next month, but may be I am being too optimistic. Still, if this weather continues, there will be less housework and more "stitching in the garden"!

Also, the stitchery for block 4 of Fernhill, Lynette Anderson's BOM is finished and I am starting block 5.

The "Three Angels" from Sweden arrived this week, a pattern I ordered from Helena at Syverkstan, to add to my pattern stash.
I could not decide which one I liked best, so I got all three! You can see more details here .
I think I will be ready to stitch this when the days will be getting short and long evenings arrive. 
But not yet.....

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Hello Radka, so pleased to see your progress on the houses, they will be soooooooo pretty. You have been very busy!! I love your latest header photo, such a spectacular bloom [as always]. Sorry I've been AWOL again, things are getting on top of me here. Catch up soon.

  2. Ahoj Radko!
    Když jsou venku sluníčkové dny, hned jde práce líp od ruky, že? Mám to taky tak. Nesnáším plískanice. Udělala jsi velký kus nádherné práce. Jsem moc zvědavá na výsledek. Vyšívání bych ještě zvládla, ale to šití mi zůstává utajeno. Na takové přesné šití bych nenašla trpělivost. Těším se i na andílky. Nejvíc se mi líbí ten zahradníček, mému srdci je nejbližší. Kuchyňského andílka jen tehdy, kdyby občas uvařil za mě :-) Přeji ještě hodně slunečných dnů v zahradě. Jestli je to u vás jako tady u nás - saharské dny, tak se pěkně ohřejeme.

  3. Radko pekne ti to pribyva,na zahrade se urcite pekne sije a je dobre svetlo.Uzivejte si leto

  4. you have been building again lol i love seeing these blocks and i am glad that the weather is being kind to you finally. i really like those fernhill blocks and your new project from sweden also looks like fun.

  5. It is lovely to see that it´s not just me that buy everything when I can´t decide what I want! They are beautiful and I think I would want one - at least - myself. It's nice to see that you are continuing building your houses - they are so cute!

  6. Milá Radko, máte moc hezký blog, úžasnou zahradu. A ty domečky, to je nádhera!
    Přeji krásný, horký večer. Helena

  7. I love your Yoko Saito blocks!

  8. AhojRadko,
    myslím že jsi nesmírně pilná a máš velkou trpělivost. Tvoje bloky jsou jedna báseň.Přeji ještě hodně slunečných dnů ahoj libuše.

  9. Lovely housebuilding and I can see your hands are working very laborious.
    The angels are so sweet.
    Good luck with sewing and gardening!

  10. Hi, Radka. The plaid and stripe fabrics work so well on your blocks--delightful! Lovely embroidery too. Glad you liked the Tentmakers' appliqués.
    best, nadia

  11. Cia Radka Carissima, quanti bei lavori, sei proprio brava, quelle casette sono fantastiche!!!!!!!! Un grosso abbraccio

  12. Living in the garden, how wonderful is that! I am so enjoying your mystery quilt, love the black cat. And, what a pretty Fernhill block, I can almost taste the berries.

  13. Lovely stitching and embroidering! Regards, Alexandra


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