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Sunday, 30 September 2012

sunny Thursday - Exeter

We were lucky to pick a nice sunny day to drive down to Devon, to the Creative Stitches & Hobbycraft fair at the Westpoint in Exeter. A mixture of various crafts, I did not find anything new or exiting, and I missed some of the retail "stitching" stands which did not take part this time. Still, worth a trip, mainly for the exhibitions.
Back this year, after UK tour, Afghanistan Inspiration. This is a part of a German-Afghanistan project, which you can read a lot more about here . Some of you might remember me writing about this project 2 years ago, when I first learnt about it at this show.

This part of the project is to help Afghan women to retain their embroidery craft, and at the same time earn some money. They embroider small squares, which they get paid for, and those are then sold in Europe. Many European artists incorporate them in their work, which is a part of a competition "Threads Unite Women".
These are just some of the exhibits by British artists, who were given a theme "vessels" and you can read more about the Afghanistan Inspiration Challenge here .

These are the 3 squares I bought this time.

Then there was a small exhibition of costumes "Jane Austen - Fashion and Films".

Exhibition by WI from their collections.

A pretty Madelaine Millington's stand, you can see more of her stuff here .

and other interesting "side shows"


  1. What a lovely, helpful project for the Afghan ladies. I'd love to see what you make with the squares. The fair is certainly a feast for the eyes!

  2. Nádhera! To bych také chtěla někdy zažít. Musel to být skvělý zážitek, spousta inspirace i pokoukání. Obdivuji všechny tvořivé lidi, kteří dokážou přijít s takovými skvělými nápady, kteří umí tak tvořivě pracovat s materiálem. Děkuju za zprostředkování.

  3. You have made a very interesting trip.So much to look at and admire.

  4. Radko tolik krasnych veci ,clovek nevi na co koukat driv.

  5. you brought back memories, how I used to enjoy the show at Exeter when I worked at the shows, certainly times have changed, a lot of exhibitors have gone and not nearly so many visitors, 10 years ago it would have been difficult to take photos of the exhibits. Popping over to read more on the afghan project now

  6. It was very interesting to read, and to look at all the lovely pictures, from the DAI-project. I had read about the "Diamond" project in Quiltmania "Creative Threads - from Afghanistan to Europe" and inted to send a quilt to be juried for the exhibition.

  7. What a great exhibition. Beautiful variety on display.


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