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Sunday, 23 September 2012

voyages textiles

Did you get the impression that I have become addicted to "building" houses? Well, not quite yet, but I am well on the way to this addiction. I have been enjoying stitching Yoko Saito's Mystery Quilt, creating small settlements and imagining who lives in those houses. Of course, Yoko's "architect's" plans make it so easy.

A couple of weeks ago I came across another, and at the same time very similar form of "house building", but also so much more.
On my visit to Janet's blog  "aiguilleanglaise" I saw a book by Anne-Marie Bertrand and some of her pictures from an exhibition, you can see more at Janet's here . I could not help myself, I just had to get the book!
The book was published by Quiltmania and it is in the format of a "coffee table" book. You can buy it from their web shop, but I have found it on the French site Decitre for a better price. Although the Google translation told me that this was a paperback version, the book which arrived is actually the original hardback.
It is written in both French and English.

The minute I opened the book, I felt "at home" and as I started browsing, I fell in love with it. Fabrics, threads, embroidery, patchwork - all so close to my heart.
This is Anne-Marie's stitching journey, which starts in her early childhood, learning from her grandmother, a very familiar journey for most of us, being it grandmother, mother, aunt......
Later she started stitching pictures of houses, from all over France; from then she went to stitching nature scenes and incorporating painting into her work. From French scenes she went on to recording scenes from her travels, some very colourful and all very beautiful. I feel very inspired by her work

This is not "how to" book, but at the end of the book are step-by-step instructions for a sample picture, where Anne-Marie explains "her technique", as she calls it.
You can see some more pages from her book on Quiltmania website here (click on the bottom right hand corner of the book to turn pages) and read more about Anne-Marie and see more pages from her book here .


  1. Books like these are a real treat for stitchers. I am sure you will enjoy this for a long time. Thank you too for always finding something interesting and informative to share with your followers. Happy stitching for this week. It is so very dry here. Cheers.

  2. Radko v te knize mas inspiraci na dalsich deset let,jen jsem se divala na obrazky a hned bych se do neceho takoveho pustila.

  3. Wow!!!!!! Her works are incredible! I'm sure you will enjoy the book. Clara.


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