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Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Just north of Exeter is Killerton, one of the largest National Trust properties, not in the size of the house, but the size of the estate - 6,400 acres.

It was given to the National Trust by Sir Richard Acland in 1942.

 Following our visit to the craft fair in Exeter, while still in Devon, 
we decided to visit Killerton house, and have a late lunch there. 
Killerton is not a large house by National Trust standards, 
but has beautiful gardens and huge grounds for long walks.

Near the house is this magnificent chestnut tree, planted about the time of building of the house in 1778-1779. Just look at all the shapes, a real fairy-tale tree! 

There is the usual collection of period furniture and furnishing inside, but what I came to see is the collection of beautiful dresses, mostly from early 20th century, but also some from 18th century. I took as many pictures as I could, but most of the collection is behind the glass, so there is some reflection.

Just a quick peak into the laundry room, there just happened to be a large group of children, exploring the house on their school outing.

Did you ever wonder how they managed to dry all that washing "below the stairs"? A set of wooden frames which can be pulled in and out, heated by a large wood stove from below.Who needs a tumble dryer?


  1. I love exploring the National Trust properties! Always something interesting to see. The dresses were amazing! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I also likes the the dresses..amazing ! the way..thanks for your comment inside my blog..sweet of you !


  3. what a wonderful display of dresses, well worth a visit. Love the tree, they are so amazing have stood for centuries, they must have a story to tell if they could only talk.

  4. Hi Radka, I really enjoyed your pictures from Killerton House, every time we go to Devon I see the signs and wish we could drop in but with a caravan on the back DH says its not a good idea. Now I've seen the 'treasures' there I think I really must make the effort of a day out!

  5. I'll have to add that to my list if we ever get back to the UK!
    Thanks to those who worked like navvies below stairs, we have an easy life with steam irons today.
    The thought of taking care of all those beautiful clothes is a nightmare!! I would have failed miserably!
    I hadn't seen the old wooden drying racks coming out of the wall before - ingenious!
    A lovely post Radka!

  6. Radu, moc děkuji za parádní reportáž, hned bych se jela taky podívat!
    Moc zdravím, Helena

  7. Wow Radka what a lovely post I really enjoyed seeing Killerton House and the large garden and that amazing old tree with its huge branches. The period gowns were lovely to see and fancy haveing to do the washing.

  8. A wonderful place to visit and I was particularly interested in the laundry drying arrangement. Fabulous clothes. Take care.

  9. oh radka i am envious lol. you always have some amazing places to share with us.

  10. thanks for the beautiful pictures !
    The dresses and hats are a dream -
    especially the old Chestnut is amazing !

  11. Lovely post Radka. I can see children playing in and under that tree - what wonderful stories could be told. The dresses, beautiful.

  12. What a wonderful place, and I just love the dresses!

  13. What wonderful photos Radka. Glad those corsets have gone out of fashion! The tree is incredible. Soo old and like you say, so many different shapes to explore. Thanks for sharing Killerton. Di.

  14. The chestnut tree looks remarkable-- all gnarled. Note the waistlines on those dresses!

  15. Your photos are so lovely and it's so nice to read your blog!


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