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Saturday, 17 November 2012


    Last night, while looking for something I wrote about a couple of years ago,  Google took me to this blog:

                            I could not believe it, my posts, my pictures, copied to another blog!
We all know that the odd picture is being copied, but this is something else, my whole blog, from the start until earlier this year! 
Carole Johnston, who ever you are, I have found out.

Bloggers are a sharing lot, we like to help each other and that is what is so wonderful about blogging.
But this is not sharing, this is "helping yourself" without a permission and we have other words for that.

What is the girl to do? Delete my blog and possibly start again? Could I be bothered?

I would love to hear your opinion on this subject and if you have had a similar experience.


  1. OMG!!!
    I must not put a name on this...
    I think you must indicate that as an abuse to the blogger team in order they can mark it as piracy.
    It's unbelievable.
    And the blog has no comments or email to express any indignation!

  2. It's stealing, pure and simple. I notice that only the Home button works, none of the others do. The most you can do is to report it to Blogger.

  3. absolutly report it to blogger... they provide the service and should keep us safe x

  4. There is something a bit weird about this Radka, and I wonder if there is a Carole Johnston and all. It could be some weird front for someone who sends spam comments or something similar. Either way you need to contact blogger who can then block the site. This blog is your intellectual property and has to be protected. It could also be a carrier of a Trojan virus.Let's hope not but be aware.
    I am sorry this has happened to you. It must be very upsetting.

  5. Now I see what bloggers can do! Its a shock. It is very clever what Deborah says and I hope you can get into contact with the blogger-people and that they can delete the fraud.

  6. The site definitely looks a bit odd Radka. You really need to report it to blogger to see what they can do.
    Good luck .

  7. che piccolezza!!!!!! c'è gente che non ha niente di suo e scopiazza ...che squallore!!!!

  8. Dear Radka,
    I have no words, I could never believe that things like this would happen. Hope you will get some help from the blogger people -
    alle the best

  9. That really is disgusting behavior how dare she do that. I know this is not very useful but I read something about being able to change something so people could no longer steal other peoples things on blogs. It is one thing to save a pic for an idea of something you would personally like to try as long as you kept the original to yourself and gave acknowledgement for the idea to the author but it is a whole different ball game to steal! Now I will get down off my soap box as I could go on. If only I could remember where I seen all that stuff about it. If I come across it I will send you an email. It was on another blog I only visit every now and again but I may stumble over it. Don't change your blog because someone will know how to stop it from happening again.

  10. Yes you must report it to blogger who will sort it out. How people can stoop this low, why they cannot do their own blog if I can do one anyone can!
    I suppose it is a compliment that she wanted to own your creations but it is a compliment you could well do without.
    Please continue with you blog, you have so many honest followers who would miss it if you closed it down

  11. Oh Radka
    This is unbelievable - it totally gives me the creeps.
    I have put "comment moderation" on my blog and almost every day I find one or two spam comments... hard to imagine what some mindless person gains from doing this.

    After reading your post, I looked on my blog trying to see if I could block this person from visiting, but it seems we can only select the people we would like to view our posts.
    Maybe "Blogger" needs to look at making provision for blocking unwanted visitors too.

    I'm so sorry you've had this un-nerving experience, I certainly hope you won't give up blogging.
    If you feel forced to create a new blog please send me an email and let me know where you've moved to.
    Thinking of you
    Shane ♥

  12. That's EXACTLY what happened to me this time last year! Don't worry, Google will sort it as long as you follow their procedures as far as you can. Mention 'multiple copyright infringement' when contacting them.

  13. Hello Radka . Sorry this has happened to you. How horrible,I am sure Blogger will see to it so I wouldn't change your blog as after exposing her for what she is it may stop.
    I would put you notifications back on as I had heaps of unwanted emails when I turned it off and when I turned it back on I didn't get any more.
    Try to put it behind you if you can and keep posting your motivational and beautiful craft we enjoy so much.xo


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