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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

When you look at my header picture you would be forgiven to think that we have a white Christmas; no such luck, but a girl can dream.....It is a picture from our Christmas 2 years ago.
In fact, there were only 3 white Christmases during the 20.century in the south of England!
Actually, the rain is back and flood warnings are in force. It doesn't need much to get a flood, the ground is still saturated from the last lot of rain and the water has nowhere to go.

But Santa will come whatever!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!
Thank you for all your comments, your support and friendship during the past year!
Have a wonderful time!

© 2012


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. We celebrate Christmas with or without snow, don't we! I also wish you a good start into 2013, may it bring health and happiness and a lot of spare time for sewing, stitching and all the other things we love.
    Best wishes,

  2. Agh I remember being snowed in two years ago. It's much more fun than all this rain. Hey ho perhaps Santa will buy us wadders.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family Radka.

  3. Dear Radka,
    Here we will also not have a white Christmas, it's raining. Anyway, I wih a Merry Christmas to you and your family -

  4. A quick Christmas greeting to you too Radka. Stay warm and safe, and have wonderful day with your family. Look forward to reading your wonderful blog in the New Year. Thank you so much for your friendship.

  5. no white Christmas here in Yorkshire, we have been lucky with not too much rain but those poor souls who have been flooded, my heart goes out to them, their children will not be celebrating Christmas the way they usually do so hard to come to terms with all the destruction
    All the best to you and yours this Christmas time

  6. What a beautiful header and side bars. Hope the rain goes away for you and wishing you blessings and joy at Christmas time. Di.

  7. Milá Radko, posílám přání krásných Vánoce celé rodině. Z toho sněhu si nic nedělej, my byli ještě včera pod sněhovou peřinkou, začalo pršet...takže zase nic :o) To víš, Polabská nížina!
    Moc zdravím, Helena

  8. Ahoj Radko,přeji Tobě a celé Tvé rodině hezké a klidné vánoce.Hodně zdraví a vánoční pohody Libuše.

  9. I hope you have a joyous and fun time tomorrow and that Santa does not need to bring you webbed feet. Happy Christmas.

  10. merry christmas to you..kiss..iulia

  11. Merry Christmas Radka!

    We never have a White Christmas, that would mean some serious climate change here in Southern California.

  12. Uz je sice po vanocich ale doufam ze jste je prozily v klidu a bez deste.

  13. Dear Radka,
    I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  14. Hi Radka, A very Merry Christmas to you and a Happy safe New Year.
    I have never experienced a white Christmas. Our Christmas will be 35C. Thanking you for your friendship and support through the year.x


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