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Saturday, 5 January 2013


This year has started with calmer weather, very little rain (for a change) and milder temperatures, but unfortunately - no sun. Well, we can't have it all. 
It is going to be back to the daily routine from Monday, so we were making most of this week, with lots of post-Christmas rest and some good walks. Lots of time to visit shops to see what is in the sale, although I must admit, it is something I try to avoid.
Instead we visited one of my favourite local towns, which seems to escape the sales madness - Glastonbury, on the edge of the Somerset Levels.
At the first glance it is an English town like any other, with a typical high street running through the centre, but soon you realise that it is not so typical, it is little.....different.

The shop signs give it away:

The history of Glastonbury goes back to the stone age. 
The Glastonbury Abbey was in its time one of the most important abbeys in England. You can still see its ruins in the centre of the town.

And of course, there is the connection (true or untrue) with King Arthur and his queen Guinevere; legends are just that, we will never know....
The town and the Levels are dominated by the mystical Glastonbury Tor.
You can read more about the history of Glastonbury here and the Tor here.

In the more recent times the town has become known for its summer music festival, which started in hippy times of 1970 and has been growing in popularity ever since. You can find out more about the festival here .
With its history, legends and magic, Glastonbury has has been a draw for many artists, who came and never left, and for those looking for an alternative way of life.

It does get very busy here during summer months, but I like to come during the quiet time, when you can enjoy the town, undisturbed.

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  1. Thank you, Radka, for showing lovely pictures of England - so typical and it reminds me of old times when I was there.

  2. DearRadka,
    Thank you for this wonderful post, I enjoyed ist so much -

  3. There is nowhere quite like Glastonbury!

  4. how I used to like to visit Glastonbury when we were down that way at Shepton Mallet show, have eaten there on may occasions.You have brought back good times to me thanks

  5. Hi Radka Thanks for the virtual visit to Glastonbury.
    Great shops with fantastically coloured fronts. It always brings out the inner hippy in me - I can smell the incense! Confession time, just between you and me of course! In 1999 one mad act - I climbed the wall to get into the festival!

  6. dear Radka,
    thanks for the beautiful pictures from glastonbury!
    I love the pictures especially because I've visited the south many years ago.

  7. Dear Radka

    Glastonbury looks like a very interesting English village!

    All I knew was about the music festival held there which my daughter attended back in 1998.
    She was 21 and on a short OE travelling with a group of girlfriends all from New Zealand, but I was still nervous about her being there!!!
    It all turned out fine in the end!

    I wonder if many of these shops have sprung up around the festival?

    A Lovely post!
    Shane ♥


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