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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Poinsettia Place

Snow has gone, there are no traces of the snowman or even the igloo, all washed away by the rain, and in the garden the snowdrops have pushed their little heads up.

After the night of heavy rain - a rainbow.

Today I finished "Poinsettia Place", a second part of 
"Santa's Village", a cross stitch BOM.

I wish you all a very good weekend!




  1. Radko, to je neuvěřitelná proměna! Že sleze sníh, nedivím se. Tady neustále prší a včerejší závěje se změnily v rozmočené bahno. Ale že už se můžeš dívat na krásnou zelenou a nad ní ještě barevná duha, to ti závidím. To ještě dlouho neuvidím.

    Výšivka je nádherná!
    Hezký den!

  2. I like your Bom very much.
    Hugs Gudrun

  3. Your work is beautiful I love the block !!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is a lovely cross stitch Radka, and it will make a beautiful family heirloom.

  5. such a pretty little house, the bird looks so at home on the roof

  6. Stitching is gorgeous as always. Love the hellebores and snowdrops. We are having a cool few days so it is going to be a nice break from the heat.

  7. Radka Poinsettia Place Cross Stitch BOM is pretty with the lovely front door,and pots.
    Also I love seeing your snow drops comeing up.

  8. OMG how lovely!!
    We are still into hard winther here in Norway...
    I am so envey of your spring like pictures..
    I am so longing for the winther to go away !!
    Take care and have fun ;-)

  9. Your work is so beautiful, Radka. Not long til springtime, so hopefully the worst of the weather is behind you. Greetings, Dianne.


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