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Friday, 18 January 2013

snow is here

Pictures we woke up to this morning.

As I said before, snow in UK means chaos and for us, living in the country, it means not going anywhere.
We are not on any gritting map, so the road through our village is not treated. 

We rely on local farmers to partly clear the road so they can move about, and for the milk tankers to be able to come and collect the milk from the farms. This morning we saw a tractor puling one of the milk tankers up our hill, 
which was quite a sight!

So, thermals on, lets go out and take more pictures!

The local schools are closed today, so children have extra day, to enjoy the snow and build a snow man.

The goose and the ducks on the village pond are wondering what is going on.



  1. Now you can sing: Isn´t it lovely....
    xx Gudrun

  2. Beautiful pictures! It almost looks like here. I think I prefer snow to rain. :-)

  3. Olala, Radka, this does not look very much like England. We have less snow than you some 700 km further down. Nevertheless, your photos are beautiful!

  4. I just love the picture of the geese! Even we have had snow today which is rare on the coast.

  5. Dear Radka,
    You pictures are so lovely, enjox the snow if you can -
    greetings from snowy Austria

  6. LOVE the pictures ...HATE the reality !!

  7. The snow looks so pretty when new and unwalked on. Some lovely scenes you have captured on the camera, the geese blending so well just their beads showing!We got the snow yesterday afternoon here in Leeds but not as much as you, will take a couple of photos when dressed but can`t go far as my boots have come unstuck at the toe so will get very snowy feet!Fortunately did my big shop thursday so no need top go out again until about wednesday.

  8. Jsme zasypáni úplně stejně, ale bohužel do práce musíme. Znamená to ráno si prokopat cestu k prohrnutému úseku a potom se dvacetikilometrovou rychlostí drncat po příšerných cestách a přitom prosit vyšší síly, aby se nic nestalo. Když se vrátíme, je na dvorku opět závěj, a tak se znovu prohrnuje. Ale stejně mám tuhle atmosféru ráda. Není nic krásnějšího než sněhem zasypaná krajina. U nás i u vás. Tak si to užijme, než z toho zase bude nepěkné bláto. Hezký jiskřivý den!

  9. Beautiful photos Radka and it all looks like fairyland unless of course you need to get out and about. Cuddle up with some stitching and enjoy the scene outside the window. Take care.

  10. Thanks you for your beautiful photographs. I love the geese. Keep warm.

  11. Hello Radka, WOW the snow has certainly arrived. Lovely peaceful photos and I enjoyed seeing them.

  12. Thankyou for taking the time to show us these beautiful photos. It looks so lovely and you are a brave one to go out in it.

    Just love the ducks.

  13. Radko, fotky vypadají úžasně romanticky, ale je mi jasné, že obyčejný život v záplavě sněhu zase tak romantický není!
    Moc zdravím, Helena

  14. krásné fotky! u nás taky byla sněhová nadílka, silničáři asi radost moc neměli... ale vypadá to krásně.
    Radko, děkuji za komentář k vřetánku, já zase nechápu tvé quilty a aplikace, jak je to možné udělat? zase se někdy přijdu divit. a vřetánko je pro mě stále nové dobrodružství, kdoví, jestli přijdu na všechny fígle...časem.
    pěkné dny!

  15. Hi Radka, your previous post was Sunny Sunday. How things can change!! It looks pretty but must be a nightmare for some. We saw footage of it on our tv last night. I love the snowman and the street scene. Beautiful photos, thank you. Happy stitching. Di.

  16. Un trabajo y unas fotos preciosas
    Saludos Mayyte

  17. It must make life hard but it looks so beautiful!

  18. Beautiful, a winter wonderland! Love the header photo too.

  19. Though I am used to snowy landscapes, I am always and still fascinated by wintery pictures! You made beautiful photos, Radka. I specially love the one with the duck house and the pond. It gives me the feeling as if I were just there, watching the silent water.
    Keep warm!

  20. Dear Radka
    I wish we could have a snowy winter once in a while - but I have to travel to colder parts of NZ for the experience.

    Wonderful photos - I love the ducks and geese having a conversation - maybe making a plan 'B' for the day!!

    I can't work out what your second to last photo is - please enlighten me!?
    Shane x


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