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Sunday, 13 January 2013

sunny Sunday

Yes, today is a beautiful, sunny, although very cold day. After a week of dark, misty and foggy days, this is
a very welcome sight. The temperature is hovering just above zero, and they tell us that the snow is on its way from the north. Snow in UK means - chaos. Lets hope that here in the south we don't get so much of it.

I am in final stages of hand quilting Fernhill, so I should be able to show you the finished quilt soon.

In the meantime I can share with you the latest book by Yoko Saito "Japanese Quilting Piece by Piece".

Not many of Yoko's books are published in English; if translated, it is usually into French.
As you can see from the cover, there are 29 projects here, mainly various bags and fabric baskets,
but also a couple of quilts and some small objects. I like Yoko's designs very much, although I prefer brighter colours to Yoko's somber choice.
The pages in the book are very shiny, so this is the best I could do.

This lovely box with applique is probably my favourite design, it could be one of the projects to make this year.

The book comes with full instructions and a set of full size pattern sheets in the envelope at the back of the book. All the photographs of the projects are at the front of the book and the instructions after that. I would  prefer to have the individual instructions with the corresponding photograph, but that is my only criticism of the book so far.

The pattern for the second part of Christmas cross stitch project, "Santa's Village" arrived this week, this one is called Poinsettia Place.

As always, I have enough projects to keep me going, as I am sure you have too.
So I wish you  HAPPY STITCHING  for the coming week!



  1. Zdá se, že je u vás velmi pěkné počasí. Za oknem zelená tráva jako na jaře :-) Když je takto světlo, hned se mi lépe cokoliv tvoří.
    Knížka vypadá moc zajímavě. Zaujala mě fialová taška s květem. Je hodně inspirativní, už vidím něco filcovaného v podobném duchu. Přeji hezké dny.

  2. that looks like a very inspiring book, no I have too many books I must not buy another!

  3. Great book and I am looking forward to seeing Fernhill. Keep safe and warm with your snow when it comes. I could always try and package up some of our summer for you lol.

  4. I looks like you have some really nice and inspirational projects to work on so happy stitching.

  5. Oh you always have so many lovely projects on the go. I love the pic of the window. So pretty.

  6. Hello at last Radka. Sorry I've been absent. We are experiencing a very hot summer, my office has no air conditioner duct, so I've not been at the computer much at all. I love your new header photo, love the book you've just purchased, how very interesting. I can see you are going to continue to keep your fingers busy for the coming year. I am still knitting, as long as I sit under a duct!! Take care.

  7. Looking forward to see what you make from the book - I agree the box looks beautiful.

  8. Hello Radka

    My quilt shop has a lot of Japanese quilting projects but like you I find the colours rather dull - though I must say they are beginning to grow on me!

    The book looks inspirational for one as talented as you - I need to stick with the beginners patterns at this stage!

    My London friend is coming out in March and asked if she could bring me anything - I jumped at the chance and asked for a copy of 'Magic Patch' that you recommended to me ages ago!
    Can you think of another Patchwork/quilting magazine that you can buy off the shelf there that could be good for me with small projects - befitting my limited abilities?

    Shane ♥


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