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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Scandinavian Rose 1

              Cold and dull outside, but clear and bright in,
          I have finished the first stitchery for Scandinavian Rose quilt,

and have started stitching the next one.

I am very happy with my choice of the red thread. Although you can't really see it very well from the picture, it is a lovely shade. I have washed the first stitchery since and not a hint of a red dye.

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  1. Radko kolik casti ten quilt bude mit ? Uz ted je videt ze jsi si vybrala hezky motiv a v cervene to je jeste heztsi.

  2. It´so beautiful!Love it!

    hugs Gudrun

  3. Radka, it looks so beautiful.
    I know I shouldn't complain but here it's still hot and sunny every day - I'm ready for one dull rainy day so I can stay inside and stitch!!
    Shane ♥

  4. Dear Radka,
    It is so beautiful, you are an excellent stitcher.
    Its also wet and grey here, time to sew -
    happy stitching

  5. They look beautiful! I usually read you in Reader but came over to leave a comment - your Snowdrops header is looking lovely too. It's nice to have hopes for spring!

  6. Your stiches are lovely and the red seems to be perfect!

  7. It´s very beautiful,I like very much.


  8. Hi Radka, your stitching is beautiful and the blocks are lovely.I am surprised you have already washed your first block it looks great.

  9. dear Radka,
    beautiful embroidery! the cold weather is just right in order to complete the work by hand! here is still so much snow, I look forward to the first spring temperatures!

  10. Your embroidery is beautiful, Radka, and I am happy for you that the red thread did not run - it must have been an exciting moment.

  11. The red stitchery is lovely Radka. I will look forward to following your progress.


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