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Monday, 11 February 2013

shades of red

Again, thank you so much for all your good wishes. I have missed a week of stitching and blogging, but I will come and see you all very soon, I promise!

I have at last got to the point when I can put my glasses on and see the world as it should look, and of course, do some stitching. I have nothing new to show you yet, so I will just share with you some postal arrivals, one of them being the latest issue of the Magic Patch magazine.

During the Christmas time I was admiring some of the redwork quilts on your blogs and in the hope that I will  also make one, I bought this little book, which has some sweet redwork designs.

But then on Helen's blog I came across "Scandinavian Rose", a quilt designed by Rosalie Quinlan, and I was hooked.
However, I could not find an UK supplier selling it. Eventually I turned to The Fat Quarters, who sell other Rosalie's designs, and although they did not stock it at the time, they very kindly agreed to order it for me, and in fact are now running it as BOM themselves.
The first pack, which contains blocks one and two, arrived during the past week. Besides instructions it includes the design pre-printed on white linen.

In her introduction to the pattern, Rosalie says that she has been influenced by her European heritage when designing the quilt. You can see it instantly, and although called Scandinavian Rose, similar patterns can be found all over Europe, including the part so close to my heart, Central Europe.
As  you know, I like to do embroideries and make quilts. A combination of both always appeals to me.

I can't wait to get started, but there comes the dilemma, which shade of red, or indeed which thread to use?
Not until you start looking, you realise how many shades of red there are.
The pattern suggests Cosmo 346. This not a thread easily found over here, the equivalent is DMC 347, which looks OK.
The redwork book at the top suggests Anchor 1005 or DMC 498, both of which are quite dark shades, and I think far too dark for this project.
Helen is using Cottage Garden Threads, which look just gorgeous, but again, not available over here, and the cost of having them sent would probably be too much, considering the amount of thread needed. As they hand dyed threads, I would have to buy the whole lot at the same time.
Another thing to consider is how colourfast the thread is. I like the idea of using space dyed threads (or overdyed, hand dyed by other names). I like Stef Francis threads very much, but I need to find out how colourfast they are. As we all probably know, and some to out cost, red shades can be unreliable.
At least I know where I am with DMC, and the total cost has to be considered.
I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

I had a small parcel from "New-Threads", just some bits and bobs, a couple of fat qtrs of red fabric to add to my stash, but also one of the Iron-off-pens. Have you tried them?

You can remove the pen marks from the fabric by just ironing over, it does work, I have tried it.
 Apparently, if you don't want to use an iron, you can use a hairdryer.

© 2013


  1. Hi Radka I see to have somehow missed your last post and am hoping you are now seeing things a little clearer and feeling much better.

    Looks like you have found yourself another lovely Scandinavian type project to get your teeth into.
    Take care

  2. Dear Radka,
    It's nice to see you are on your way back. The books seem to be very inspiring, I am looking forward to see what you are working on next -

  3. Hi Radka,
    Had a browse of your blog and discovered that you have had some surgery-- I hope that the results are all good and glad you are sewing again. I love red work too and the little book you have there looks lovely-- have not seen that before. I had used the Frixion pens but stopped as someone told me the chemicals remain on the fabric and with time may damge the fabric-- I don't know if that is true or not.

  4. Hi Radka so nice to hear you are back to stitching,thank you for your lovely comments and I know whatever thread you choose will be perfect.I have enjoyed reading your post.I purchased the red work book last year and stitched the little bird designs and made coasters out of them. I just loved all the designs in the book. I look forward to seeing all your new projects. Helen :-))))))))

  5. It´s always nice to read what you are going to stitch and sew.So many lovely projects.Good luck!

    Hugs Gudrun

  6. good to rerad you are about to get back to your stitching. The redwork project looks interesting but as you ay problems with the threads, could not pick a worse colour for colour fastness.I also use Oliver Twist hand dyed threads but they cannot guarantee then to be colour fast.
    The iron off pen looks a great investment, have not come across these, wonder where you got it. I will be going to Sewing for pleasure at thr NEC next month, maybe someone will have them there

  7. Ho scoperto il tuo blog e mi piace molto.
    Ciao Luisa

  8. Hello Rdka. It is nice to hear you are getting back into your stitching. A lovely project to start back with. I am not familiar with all the different threads and I just think that DMC is safe.


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