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Friday, 15 February 2013

Stourhead in February

I know that we are only half way through February and anything can still happen, but today, walking around 
Stourhead lake, it felt like spring.

snowdrops and primroses are coming up everywhere

winter and early spring flowering rhododendrons 

in the tree trunk - last year's nest, a treecreeper perhaps?

A new tunnel, made out of willow, for children to play in.
As the willow will grow, it will be a good place to hide.

a friendly robin came to say hallo

and at home in the garden, first signs of spring

Still undecided, which thread to use for "Scandinavian Rose", I have been playing with some of the reds I have at home.

In the end I chose Anchor stranded cotton no 13 and I made a start.

I have really enjoyed this tiny chain stitch.

I wish you all a very good weekend!

© 2013


  1. Oh, wow such very beautiful gardens. Lovely in every way. I could hardly believe it when I saw those glorious Rhodies blooming. Mine does not bloom until the end of May. Thanks so much for sharing your Very Lovely Spring Garden Flowers. Hugs Judy

  2. Great stitching and love the photos. Roll on autumn please.

  3. I can imagine your excitement Radka on seeing such beautiful snowdrops, pink primroses and the rhodos!!!
    Spring just suddenly appears doesn't it, so it's all downhill from here to your Summer.

    I love the redwork and reading the previous post I see you'll be making a lovely quilt with some red stitching on it too.

    So glad your eye is sorted and you can happily stitch again!

    Shane ♥

  4. Dear radka,
    I enjoyed very much walking with you through this lovely area, happy stitching and have a nice weekend

  5. I enjoyed my walk around Stourhead with you, things are a lot further advanced than up here in Leeds, just a few snowdrops out, greenery of bulbs has appeared but nothing else so far.
    Your Love has worked very well,I do like red work, have seen some wonderful quilts made of rework blocks, maybe one day!

  6. I nearly can't believe it that you should already have blooming rhododrendons and other while we some 1000 km (?) further south have had a snowstorm yesterday. You made beautiful photos.

  7. When I see these wonderful photos with flowers, I feel I am waiting for spring so much.What difference between your area and mine.
    Your stitchery looks great. You love Scandinavia, I know:-)))
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Your photos are Gorgeous it all looks so lovely, everything here is so dry it's nice to see the freshness in your photos. And what a strart you have made on your Scandinavian blocks. I love the colour you chose for your thread. I look forward to watching your progress. :-)))))

  9. I always love your tours of Stourhead and these are such great photos. Take care.

  10. I can't wait for spring to come, when I see your beuatifuk photos from the walk. We have snow laying around and the weather has been grey in grey.
    Your Scandinaviam Rose- begin looks great.
    Have a wonderful weekend :-).

  11. Lucky you, dear Radka, you already have some little traces of Spring in your garden (here everything is still covered with snow). I am longing now for Spring to come but I am sure it won't last very long till it's here. Soon we have March! Your photos of Stourhead and especially the one with the little robin are beautiful. Stourhead is somehow still familiar too me though it is some years that we visited this huge park. Enjoy stiching your Scandinavian blocks!

  12. Lovely photos! You take really good photos.

  13. Thanks for the photos Radka . I love the lake that you walk around it is so pretty and the grass so green.It is a beautiful park. Cute little robin.
    The Anchor colour will be perfect for Scandinavian Rose

  14. Stour head is a fab place. Thanks for sharing your photos of early spring flowers

  15. I love your redwork... very very nice... the photos are lovely of Stour Head...

  16. I have just found your blog through a link from Dian, and I am so thrilled as I spent a very happy day visiting Stourhead when on a visit to England many years ago. What wonderful memories you have revived. Cheers

  17. Your garden looks like spring too Radka, with all those beautiful Rhododendrum blooms.


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