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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bloglovin 2

Just a quickie to update my last post and to answer some of the questions I have been asked about Bloglovin.
I have learnt about Bloglovin only yesterday from another blog, so my info is somewhat limited. The bottom line, the way I understand it ( and believe me, I am no technical brain), is that after the 1st July we will not be able to read the bloggs we follow in the Google Reader. So if that is what you do now, you will have to find an alternative. If you click here , you will be taken to Ultimate Guide to Google, where you can see a comparasing of Bloglovin and Feedly (don't ask, I never knew this existed either).

I moved over to Bloglovin only yesterday myself. It was very easy and quick, I ignored the bit about Facebook (but you might want to choose to do that if you are on Facebook), signed in in the line below, moved my favourite blogs over - done. There are some setting you might want to change (easy), pick up your Bloglovin wigget for your blog (easy). Bloglovin now sends me an email when someone starts following me via Bloglovin.

I also get an email (you can choose how often) to alert me to any new posts on the blogs I follow (I chose to get this email daily). The email is in the form of the Reader, but better looking and I can read the posts from there, no need to sign in anywhere, unless I want to comment, then I have to signed in as before. This makes the list in the side bar of my blog redundant (although I might leave it there for now), as there is no need for me to go to my blog, unless I want to write a new post.

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  1. Hello Radka !

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments ...
    your always welcome !!!

    Kram Anette

  2. Thank you for the info about Google Reader. I like it that you're a fellow house lover

  3. I must say I was totally put off by the Facebook thing when I went into Bloglovin. Then I went back to your comments and saw read what you said.

    I'm sorry but I do loathe these changes to blogging - yes I'm died in the wool and change resistant...

    I've given them my details so hopefully I'm following you Radka - I don't know how I'll know though.
    Sorry dear I can't get my head around it.
    Shane ♥

  4. Thank you, Radka, for posting about Bloglovin. I did it already and I find that it is quite useful - and I hope they (Google) won't charge for this.
    Thanks for commenting.

  5. I must make an effort to understand this. Thanks for the update.


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