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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

not much to write about

The depressing cold weather continues, with no sign of spring. At least here in the South West we have escaped snow so far this week, not such luck further up north in the country, where newborn lambs are being lost to heavy snowfalls. But we too could be hit by snow over the Easter weekend, if the weather forecast is correct. It will be time to hibernate again, with some stitching.

For various reasons I haven't been sewing much, also we are painting inside of the house; we hope to get worst of it over by the weekend. The kitchen will be the last, now probably after Easter, but when I saw this piece of fabric from the Sun-kissed range on the Quilt Me Happy website, I though it would do very well for a short curtain and go well with the new colour planned for the kitchen walls. You can see more fabric in the range here .

Couple of more arrivals in the post this week, a magazine (more is expected) and pattern two (blocks 3 & 4) of Scandinavian Rose. Enough to keep me busy if the weather forecast is correct.

Some pictures of wintry looking sky, which I took in the last few days, looking from the house.

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  1. I saw it in the news ... all that snow in England. We also still have sbow outside,but had a wonderful sunny day today.
    Sounds great with all that painting. I could use that too.
    Have a happy Easter.

  2. I must tell you we have wonderful weather every day now. The nights a little cold, but the days lovely. I have been cleaning my borders two days now. Hope you soon will have the same weather.
    Now I will wish you a Happy Easter!!
    Hugs Gudrun

  3. Seen the snowfalls on the news last night with a sheep farmer digging out his sheep and lambs. Thankfully the pair we seen had survived. Enjoy your painting and decorating. I really like that piece of fabric for your window too.

  4. We have had another very hot day today the exact opposite to you. Hopefully the weather will improve very soon. I like the fabric you have chosen for your windows . The painting sounds like a big job,but well worth the effort I'm sure. Enjoy!!!!

  5. I Love your sky images Radka. They're favourites of mine too - love clouds, sunsets and dawn!
    That CPS issue looks scrummy - as do the new red stitching patterns.
    You won't run out of things to do over Easter!!
    I hope you have some good weather.
    The days are closing in here now, a little cool in the evening but still sleeveless days.
    Shane ♥

  6. Grrr!!
    That last comment was really from me Radka - I opened your Bloglovin link through my email, which automatically gives my old blog - sorry!
    Shane ♥

  7. wish I was down your way here in Leeds it has been snowing all morning, it is about 6" deep but over the weekend there was much more, fortunately I was away for that, surely spring will arrive soon.

  8. I hope your spring arrives soon: we have just had a hot spell but now it is cold and rainy.

    Love your fabric.


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