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Friday, 8 March 2013

out of season is best

This wasn't planned, but my car needed a spare bit and so a trip to a Mazda dealer, who happens to be in Weymouth, on the south coast.

Driving down in the rain, it looked like this was going to be "there and back" outing, but by the time we arrived, the rain stopped; in fact it was a very pleasant day.

Weymouth was hosting sailing competitions during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, which justified few coats of fresh paint.

But this is when I like Weymouth best, out of season, when there is just a few people (and dogs) on the beach, 

and some ghosts in the mist.

I wish you an enjoyable weekend!


  1. Great photos,I love going to bayside towns out of season. :-)

  2. Ohhh...those snowdrops .....still a couple of feet of slushy snow here.

  3. WOW what a very beautiful place by the Sea. I watched everyday of the Olympics and loved every second of them. Hugs Judy

  4. Such a beautiful town! Glad you had some sun come out for a more enjoyable day.

  5. Looks like you enjoyed your time in Weymouth ,am like you, out of season is the best time to go .Nice photos.

  6. sounds like you had a good day out, some nice photos, I have not been to Weymouth so it was good to see your pics.

  7. Oh you had a lovely day out Radka!
    Waymouth looks like a lovely seaside town. We've been to Portsmouth, Bournemouth and Dover - is Waymouth on the same coast?
    We got the ferry at Dover for Calais!
    It's still wonderful weather here so I'm sending you some warm sunbeams from my corner of the world!
    Shane ♥

  8. Great photos of Weymouth - we spent an enjoyable day there in September 2005 and stayed at a very friendly B&B. I also enjoyed watching the races held there in the Olympics. Take care


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