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Sunday, 21 April 2013

good for the body and the soul

At last we can say that we are having a proper spring weekend!

I have spent few hours yesterday and today turning over the soil in flowers beds and discovering what is coming up and what was lost to a long winter. Why is it that weeds always survive the winter and grow the fastest?

the graceful Snakehead Fritillarias are up

and so is the stunning Pulsatilla

the roses are well on their way too

It is also the time when feeling comfortable again about leaving the warm cocoon of the home and go out and explore.
You have been with me on many days out in the West Country and you can re-discover them in 
"out and about" under my "labels" on the left.
Friday was a very sunny start to the weekend and we just could not stay in.
Remembering a place we had seen on our travels during the winter months, when it was just too cold to stop and leave the warmth of the car, we decided to go and find it.

Somerset Crafts

You came with me to the Guild of Somerset Craftsmen in Somerton in the past. Not long opened, Somerset Crafts in Westhay is another place for the local artists to exhibit and sell their products. Very similar to Somerton, artists exhibiting here are also members of the Guild. And again, it is not far from me!

As in Somerton there is some stunning work here and definitively a place to come when looking for unusual and original presents.

My favourite was the work by Claire Springfield from Polden Pottery, her translucent porcelain candle holders are something else. Yes, I would like one for myself!

Then there are contemporary art quilts by Alicia Merrett,

textile art by Lewis and White Textile Artists and many others,

As always, if you click on any of the highlighted names in this post, you will be taken to another site to explore.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

© 2013


  1. You are so right, Radka. The spring weather this weekend was good for the body and the soul. We did spent most of the weekend in the garden and did enjoy it a lot.

  2. So glad you had a lovely spring weekend! Things are changing here too finally and we had a lovely mild weekend too with a small sprinkle of rain last night.

  3. your garden is further on than mine but there are signs of life, the lilac is going to be amazing this year after its poor performance last year.Like you say the weeds are growing fast, dandelions and sticky willie are the ones i have the most problems with along with stinging nettles that come in from council ground at the back of me
    Your Somerset crafts looks a great place to visit, will do some clicking to see more.

  4. So glad you guys have finally had some lovely spring weather. Your flowers are so pretty.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Isn't it good to feel the sun at last?!! Flowers blooming, and the trees springing into life. Such a welcoming sight after the seemingly endless winter.

  7. Hello Radka
    I love your Spring header - beautiful blossom.
    Fritillarias and Pulsatilla won't grow where I am - the winters just aren't cold enough and that's what they need (a bit like tulips).
    For years I've read the old English gardening writers and wished I could grow these beautiful plants.
    Tulips are OK, we put the bulbs in the freezer for a few weeks to harden them off first!!!!

    How wonderful to have Somerset Crafts almost on your doorstep - I imagine it's a wonderful place to spend a day!
    You could easily be teaching their Radka with your sewing and embroidery skills!

    Enjoy your week.
    Shane ♥

  8. dear Radka,
    since I've seen "the great british sewing bee" I'm in the sewing fever. a great broadcast!
    thank you for your compliment on my self-made blouse!

  9. Radko your garden looks lovely and the shop would be nice place to visit.Enjoy your colourful spring.

  10. Radko you are having lovely colourful spring and we started having frost in the mornings .The craft shop looks like very interesting place to visit.

  11. I enjoyed seeing many wonderful photos on this post, Radka!


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