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Sunday, 14 April 2013

no more houses on this quilt

Spring has arrived at last, night frosts are behind us, hopefully for good, and day time temperatures are climbing to double figures. After some rain this week the garden is slowly waking up.
This small ornamental cherry is the first tree to flower in our garden every spring, but other shrubs and trees are not going to be far behind.  

Today I spent some time joining together all the blocks for Yoko Saito's BOM quilt and positioning them on the background fabric. After attaching them I will start working on applique for the border. There is a lot more stitching to be done, but no more houses!

I have also made some progress on the 4th stitchery for the Scandinavian Rose quilt. This one is the largest one so far, but the stitching is quite easy and quick.

Have a good stitching week!

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  1. The garden is coming alive. Glad to hear the days are getting better for you. Love seeing all the houses together too. They look amazing! Your Scandinavian stitching looks great too. Always something wonderful about red on white.

  2. Radko spring has finally arrived and i bet you want to be more outside then inside.Your blocks of houses look very nice ,you have a small town in there.And your stitching looks very very nice.

  3. please send spring up to us here in Leeds, no sign of life on my cherry or apple trees yet.
    Your houses look great, so much to se and enjoy on this quilt
    Scandinavian block looking good too, wondering what thread you are using on it and if just one strand.

  4. Dear Radka,
    Your garden in Bloom, your houses nearly finished and an other beautiful stitchery, wonderful -

  5. You are working on such wonderful quilts.Great job on both of them.
    Hugs Gudrun

  6. Yes, spring arrived also in the east of France - Haute-Saône, good courrage for your houses to finish.

  7. Your blooming garden is very pretty. Love your quilt, it is gorgeous. Hugs Judy

  8. Your spring flowers are looking beautiful. Isn't exciting when the seasons change , especially after the winter months!

  9. What a lot of work in the houses,they are looking great. Scandinavian Rose is coming along beautifully I hope to be back stitching my rose soon . :-))))

  10. Lucky you - spring is still waiting to make it´s entre here i Stockholm. The rain has swept the streets but we stll have some snow left!
    But I am now looking out for the birds. Tonight I heard the Black Bird. It´s lovely!

  11. Ahoj Radko,moc zdravím a jsem ráda,že se s Tebou opět setkávám,Moc,moc jsem letos na jaro čekala.
    Výšivka se rýsuje moc dobře ,obdivuji Tvoji trpělivost.Přeji hezké dny Liba

  12. HI! Radka, You are finally getting some Spring weather. I look foreward to seeing your garden with its flowers. The houses look amazing. Scandinavian Rose is going to be pretty.

  13. Hi Radka. I am excited to find someone else stitching Scandinavian Rose .. your work is very neat.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. milá Radko, nesmírně obdivuju vaši práci, to je nádherné, co děláte. ty domečky, ach! a skandinávská výšivka je dokonalá, přesně to, co mám ráda. jste pro mě nedostižná a proto si vážím vašeho komentáře u mé jednoduchoučké výšivky :)
    ale umí to vyšívání potěšit, že? ať už je jednoduché nebo složitější...
    moc zdravím, Hanka


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