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Sunday, 26 May 2013

bluebells and sheep

Today was a glorious Sunday morning and we took an early morning walk, through the woods, to the Park Hill Camp, which is believed to be a site of an Iron Age settlement and is now a part of
the Stourhead Estate, looked after by the National Trust.

It is a nice place to come see bluebells in the spring and a good place for a picnic any time.
Today there were also some sheep grazing among the bluebells.
"look, there are some people watching us "
"another person with a camera; ignore her, she will go away"
"who, me? is this my best side?"

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  1. Jů, zvonkové království .... i ovečkám se v něm líbí:-))

  2. Cute photos, love the commentary. Bluebells!! How gorgeous.

  3. To je pohádka! Tyhle zvonečky a také bílé, mám ve skalce. Dost se rozmnožují, tak kdyby se mi podařilo vykouzlit zjara takovéhle nádherné zvonečkové království, bylo by to krásné. Nedivím se ovečkám, že se jim tam líbí. Počítám, že si tam přišly spíš za stínem a zvonečky je budou zajímat jen z hlediska dobré - nedobré. Hezký den, plný vůní květin!

  4. Dear Radka,
    It Looks like a very nice trip -
    thank you for sharing the Pictures

  5. I love these bluebells in your forests. Some years ago I had the chance to see them in reality in Scotland. Next week I'lll be againa on a garden tour in GB. Hopefully we're going to have better weather than we actually have here. No Spring this year ;-) !
    Greetings, Barbara

  6. Bluebells in the woods to me are one of the prettiest sights and to have sheep with them well wonderful.I am wondering if there is a way i can copy the photo of the large flock onto my computer, it would make the best background ever.

  7. Cute pics! Wonder what the fleece would be like to spin lol. Lovely pics of the bluebells too.

  8. How similar are the violet spring flowers to your lace scarf. Astonishing!

  9. Lovely Bluebells and I always enjoy the very neat Sheep photos. Hugs Judy

  10. The blue bells are so bright and beautiful. The sheep look really friendly.

  11. Wonderful pictures Radka! thank you for sharing.
    Have a great week.

  12. Isn't it an amazing year for bluebells. ? Lovely pictures X

  13. The bluebells are just glorious-- will have to visit in spring to see such a beautiful sight.

  14. Oooh Radka!
    I've been longing to see photos like these - it is my dream to O N E day return to England in the Spring for the bluebells in the woods!
    You've got much better educated sheep over there - the ones I photographed for my latest post just ignored me completely!!!
    Enjoy your wonderful Spring.
    Shane ♥

  15. Radko ,love the combination of bluebells and sheep. There is so much beautiful green grass , sheep heaven.

  16. You never disappoint with your photos - another beautiful lot. Thank you for sharing Radka.

  17. Happy to tell you that "our" House Martins has arrived i Yxlan now.A little bit later than with you. Cute lambs and wounderful flowers. Looking forward to my next stay in the nature.

  18. Another great lot of photos the scenery is gorgeous !!!!


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