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Sunday, 26 May 2013

It is a very long time since I bought this lovely lace yarn from Nimu Yarns, a mixture of alpaca, silk and cashmere, and started knitting a scarf.

I finished the scarf some time ago, but only now I got around to stretching it. It is only when I see it
like this, stretched out over an old sheet and pinned to the carpet,
 I can see all the mistakes!


All finished at last! It is beautifully soft and I know I will love wearing it. I don't think many people will notice or will care that it is not perfect!

© 2013


  1. It´s so beautiful and the colour great.
    Love the header too!!
    Have a nice Sunday!

    Hugs Gudrun

  2. Radko, ten šál je skutečně překrásný, jako z pavučinky. Dlouho už toužím po něčem podobném, ale chce to určitě použít luxusní materiál, jako sis zvolila ty. Bude určitě příjemné ho nosit.

    Obdivuji také všechny krásně rozkvetlé květiny z tvého minulého příspěvku. Miluji kvetoucí rostliny. Je to pohlazení pro duši.

  3. What a beautiful and delicate scarf-- it looks so soft and will drape beautifully.

  4. Překrásný pléd, skvělá barva a úžasný materiál.

  5. Beautiful scarf and such a stunning colour just like the colours in your header. Take care.

  6. I think it's just beautiful Radka, just hope you don't need it to keep warm for some time yet. Lovely photos of your garden blooms

  7. Radu, chyby nevidím, kochám se vzorem a představuji si tu hebkost materiálu, nádhera!
    Moc se mi líbí jarní fotky ze zahrady.
    Posílám pozdravy, Helena

  8. Radka, this is most wonderful. NO mistakes can be seen when you are wearing it. And I doubt that people won't even recognize that you made it yourself, it is looking so perfect.
    You should sew a little sign on it which says: Handmade by Radka.

  9. che finissima lavorazione...brava radka!!!!!!

  10. Dear Radka,
    How beautiful this scarf ist, I can immagine that it is a very feeling to wear it -

  11. Don't bother about possible mistakes. Nobody can see them. Your scarf is absolutely stunning, so beautiful! A big compliment!

  12. a very pretty scarf and love the colour, sure you will get lots of compliments as it is so eye catching.

  13. Beautiful! Mine has booboos too but you cant see them when wearing it. I am sure yours will be ok too.

  14. Hallo Radka!
    What a lovely scarf you have done girl!!!!You have to be proud of it!
    Hugs to you from
    Lena in Stockholm

    PS!Have a wonderful summer!


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