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Monday, 6 May 2013

Scandinavian Rose 4

Long holiday weekend in UK, and haven't we had a gorgeous one!
Suddenly we have summer, although so many trees are still bare.

Not much stitching done inside, as the time is spent working in the garden, visiting plant nurseries, with so many other people; we have been waiting a long time for this!

At last this afternoon a quiet time and little stitching outside, oh joy!

I have also managed to finish stitchery no 4 for the Scandinavian Rose quilt.

And to make the day really special,  the first of our House Martins have returned today, making the long trip all the way from South Africa. It is a week later then last year, but they are here at last. I wonder how many will return this year.
It is lovely to listen to their "talking" in their nests under the eaves. 

A couple of pictures from Wikipedia :

Thank you for visiting, enjoy your week!

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Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I can sense a spring in your step Radka! What a difference the warmer temperatures make to our whole being.
The cycle of life continues for the House Martins - I visited Mr Wikipedia to learn about their nest building - what clever birds constructing with a layers of mud first and then the grass, moss etc.

Stitching with the benefit of real light from the sun - quite magical.
Number 4 Scandinavian Rose is exquisite Radka.

Enjoy your Spring garden!
Shane ♥

katherine said...

They are very pretty little birds. Much nicer to look at than the brown sparrows we have here. Beautiful stitching and glad the weather has finally turned for you. We are having some cold nights but the days are still getting to 20oC. If only it stayed like this all year round lol I would be a very happy soul indeed.

Ajka said...

Jé to hnízdo se mi líbí, jak vykukují:-)))

Helen Marasco said...

Gorgeous little birds and pictures. Great to see another one of your blocks finished beautiful stitching. :-)))

Yvonne W said...

Spring has finally sprung! What a lovely feeling. The house martins look like our welcome swallows-- the swallows come from Asia and have nests on the corner of houses like that too. Enjoy the sunshine.

margaret said...

your garden is coming along quicker than up here in Leeds but enjoying a lovely spell of weather and loke you plan to do some stitching outside today. Such a friendly house martin, had them at my previous house but not here however we do get the swifts some of whom nest in my roof space, it is amazing watching them zooming in, they often have to have a couple of tries before they find the small entrance!

Gudrun said...

What beutiful photos and I love your new header.Summerfeelings--that´s good:-))

Hugs Gudrun

Hanna said...

Dear Radka,
Vers beautiful pictures from your garden and the surroundig. Your stitchery Looks a great als always -
have a good time

lm said...

Ahoj Radko, výšivka je moc zdařilá jsi skutečný mistr.Jiřičky a vlaštovky nosívají štěstí přeji Ti ho plné kopy. Hezké májové dny, Libuše

Tiggy Rawling said...

Lovely pictures. What a fabulous weekend, worth waiting for! Gardening and stitching under a warm, even hot, sun. Perfect, with the additional arrival of you summer visitors as icing on the cake.

Karen said...

You do beautiful embroidery. Everything looks perfect.

Anneliese said...

Wasn't that wonderful to enjoy at least one day out, eating on the terrace and so on. But those weeds!!!! They are growing fast with all that rain, too.
The three cold days are coming now Pankratius, Bonifatius and the holy Sophie (at least in Germany they are called like this), we will overcome...

Jen said...

Hello Radka. A lovely post visiting your garden as it takes shape for summer. Perfect sewing place.What adorable little birds to look foreward to comeing in the Spring. Scandinavian Rose stitching is lovely. Pretty new header.

Barbro Li said...

Allways lovely to visit your blogg. Even here in the surroundings of Stockholm we are just mad about the sun and all the green leaves. I had look House Martin up in my Country life guide and found that this is our Ladhussvala. We have lots of nests on the ferryboats to our islands. And I don´t think there are any birds yet. Something to look forward to.

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