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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

show time!

Another beautiful bright day and the first day of of the Malvern Quilt Show, which takes place at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern, with the backdrop of beautiful Malvern hills.

It claims to be the friendliest show in the UK, and I can only agree.
It is much larger then any local show, but not too large to overwhelm. 

With hundreds quilts on show and over 100 trade stands, it is hard to know which pictures to show you, and I know there will be other bloggers doing the same.
So these are just some of the quilts on show for you to enjoy.

And yes, I did buy few bits, but being too aware of many projects on a go already, I did "control" myself!


  1. Oh my goodness Radka, what a treat for the eyes!
    Some of that quilting is breath taking.
    I still prefer a traditional quilt, such as the white and beige monochromatic quilt - it's my favourite.

    However the quilt with foxgloves is creatively unbelievable - I wonder how long some of these take to make.
    Also the "picture" quilt of fishing on the river is outstanding!

    I can imagine how inspiring this show was for you - your head must be spinning with ideas now!
    Don't forget to show us what goodies you bought - I just know you didn't come away empty handed Radka!

    Shane ♥

  2. Dear Radka,
    Thank you for sharing all the beuatiful Pictures wiht us, what a Show, also the Morgan Report was very intersting, beautiful cars -
    many regards

  3. Hello Radka, I am admiring you for showing us so many quilts, doing all this photographing and afterwards blogging.
    Thank you for this fantastic slide show.

  4. What a very lovely quilt show. I think My favorite one is the Foxglove flowers with the big aqua flower in the center.. Very pretty indeed. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. Hugs Judy

  5. Páni! Radko, to sis určitě připadala jako v ráji. Nádherná akce a překrásná díla. Mě nejvíc chytla za srdce lesní deka (shora č. 12). Jakoby ji autor dělal podle naší přírody. Přesně takové pohledy vídám na procházkách po okolí. Ale dostat to do obrazu pomocí látek, jehly a nití... to bych tedy nedokázala. Hezký den!

  6. so many beauties, between myself and my friend we took over 400 pics but you have some here I missed! Must get my act together and put some on my blog

  7. I say WOW again:-))
    What wonderful quilts,what wonderful works!!
    I love many of them, the first is favorite.Among other. Thanks for showing them
    Hugs Gudrun

  8. Fabulous quilts and great photos Radka. Take care.

  9. Fantastic photos thank you so much for sharing. What a treat for the eyes and quilt lovers all over the world. :-)))

  10. So many gorgeous quilts! Love those applique floral ones. You are lucky to see so many inspirational quilts.

  11. Radko what a beautiful collection of amazing quilts.I wouldn't know which to pick they are all beautiful.

  12. Hello Radka,
    so beautiful quilts, many are the inspirations for me! thank you for posting the wonderful pictures. I look forward to see what you've sewn from new materials!

  13. HI Radka - I was there on the Thursday and I must say it was wonderful as usual - I'm glad you have a photo of those dancers under the fireworks - it was one of my favourites! So sparkly!

  14. Hello Radka, What amazing quilts so beautiful to see .,Thank you for shareing them. Great photos of Malvern. It seems your holiday was great.

  15. Wow! Some of these quilts have really blown me away. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Di.


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