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Saturday, 25 May 2013

spring, summer, confused?

It has been so cold again the last few days; a touch of frost in some parts of the country?
Should I take some summer clothing out of of the storage or not? Lovely and sunny today and tomorrow, but not warm and they are telling us it will get worse again next week!

Everything in the garden is delayed, but the nature can't be stopped, so I can show you some pictures
at last.


And a bonus - St.George's mushrooms from a local farmer's field.
Enjoy your weekend!
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Anneliese said...

Your garden - a paradise inpsite of our cold weather.

avomeri said...

Wonderful pictures - as usual :)

Here the weather is the same - I have in use winter and summer cloths... Today is a sunny day but rain is coming again next week, they say!

Yvonne W said...

Those flowers will certainly cheer you up even if the weather is not being kind. The flowers must be a lovely picture in your garden.

margaret said...

you have some lovely blooms in your garden, and your photos are great, good to see the flowers so close up.We will have to make the best of today as rain expected again tomorrow!!

katherine said...

Beautiful pics!

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