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Saturday, 15 June 2013

still my garden

Just a quick walk before our breakfast this morning to take a picture of some wild flowers.

More and more colour in (yes, still my) garden.


A new house has been found, and now it is all in the hands of the legal profession, which, as anyone buying and selling a house in England knows, can take its time.
And there is the "chain", when one link breaks, the whole thing can fall apart.
Thankfully, our chain is very short, so fingers crossed.......
Yes, I will have "my space" in our new house, be it a lot smaller then I have now. This is where I start to panic, what to keep and what I am not going to miss?

All that house hunting and forms filling left me with little stitching time, so I am still working on the same piece of Scandinavian Rose.

In the meantime more stitching arriving in the post,

and some recent magazines.

I love the quilt on the front of Magic Patch magazine.

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday!

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  1. Dear Radka,
    Wishing you all the best with the new house, you leave a wonderful garden und nice souuroundings -
    happy stitching

  2. Moc krásné fotečky:-))

  3. Bylo by mi moc líto opuštět dům, který je zabydlený a hlavně zahradu plnou takových krásných květin (ta růže! aaaaach!). Na druhou stranu, nový domov znamená nové výzvy. Přeji hodně štěstí v novém domově.

  4. Your wild flowers are beautiful,garden and photos stunning.
    Great news on the house front. Not long now and you will be making new memories and stitcheries in your new home.
    Scandinavian Rose is looking good :-))))

  5. You are going to miss living among those beautiful wildflowers. What is the name of that lovely plant with the flowers that look like orchids or iris.
    Good luck with your new home Radka, I am sure you will soon have the new garden looking just as wonderful as this one.

  6. That workbox magazine looks just the sort I would like, but I have not seen it out here.

  7. some very pretty wild flowers, hope the new home will have a garden as you certainly have green fingers. Been waitng for Workbox as Grace has an article in but it was not in the shops on friday. Scandinavian rose looking splendid

  8. Their you go a new house found and a new adventure begins, hope all goes well with the solicitors and it's not to painful.
    Your flowers are looking magical.

  9. Must be a relief to know that you have your new house all picked out. Its going to be an adventure for you. Take plenty of cuttings of your current garden so you have some special plants in your new one.

  10. Gorgeous flower photos, Radka. Yes, that Workbox mag looks very interesting. Your Scandinavian piece is just beautiful Di.

  11. So many lovely flowers you have in your garden!

  12. I love your Scandinavian stitching! Oh, I don't envy you about sorting out things. You should be able deposit them somewhere so you can see later what you still need. wishing you good luck, Radka.


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