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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

just to keep in touch

Only a quick update - the time seems to be running away with me at the moment, my thoughts being mainly on the house move.

So it was nice to be able to find time last weekend for our early morning walk in the woods. Yes, this is the one thing we will miss in our new home. We will just have to look for new place for our walks


Just a few pictures to share with you,

a strange creature in the forest.

Summer has arrived in "Still My Garden".

I will have time to pick and dry some lavender to take with me.

And I managed to find a quiet moment to do little stitching on the next block of Scandinavian Rose BOM.

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  1. Dear Radka,
    So many beautiful things to leave, wishing you the best für the new place, hope you will find some nice areas for your walking tours -

  2. Radka, your garden is looking so pretty and it's sad to leave but you will create again in you new abode.
    Do take some cutting with you , I did and its so nice to see them thriving in a new garden.

  3. Hi Radka again beautiful photos to remember by. Your house and garden are gorgeous . Your love of gardening shines through as it will in your new house and garden. There will be a new path to follow and new sights to see .
    Scandinavian Rose is looking beautiful it is a stunning design.

  4. Milá Radko, bylo by mi hrozně moc líto opustit takovou nádhernou zahradu. Řekla bych, že v každé zahradě je uschována část duše zahradníka. Tak i v tvé. Já vím, nová zahrada - nová výzva, ale nebude se ti stýskat?

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  7. How wunderful the Digitalisflowers are! And your stichery is locking beautiful!!

  8. Beautiful photos as always. Hope the move is progressing nicely for you and not too stressful.

  9. what wonderful woods and your garden really is a perfect picture. You will miss all of this but I am sure you will find other delightful walks etc, wonder if you have found a nee house yet, best of luck

  10. thank you for taking us on your walk .. I can see how you will miss this .. but.. soon you will have the fun of finding.. and sharing .. a new walk x hope all is going smoothly x

  11. HI! Radka, The flowers you show us are beautiful and Scandavian Rose is looking beautiful. New adventures finding new walks around your new home.

  12. What a beautiful summer garden. I am sure you will find new gardens and walking tracks when you move too. All the best with the move.


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