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Friday, 23 August 2013

I am back

Hello, have you missed me? Probably not very much, but I have missed you all!

Well, it has been 4 weeks since our house move. It took all this time to be connected to the Internet; it is hard to believe it has taken so long! So much is done on-line now, so when there is no "line", one feels quite lost.
A lot has happened in our new little house in Shepton Mallet since we moved in, or rather since we moved into the garage:

There is so much to do in the house, it has been uncared for and "unloved" for a very long time.
So before moving in properly, some work needed to be done immediately.
New carpets in all upstairs rooms; and then the builder moved in to remove a fake chimney breast and fireplace, move a door to a more sensible position and generally try to make a living room more open.


It still looks like this and will for some time; the plan is to decorate from the top down.

Our bedroom was finished first, so after sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a week, we moved in.
And "my room" was next.
It looked like this a only few days ago.

Today I moved in....

This room is about half the size of my last one, but I still have "my" space and that is the main thing.
No room for the computer in here, it now lives in the next room.

New replacement windows and outside doors have been ordered for October, to be in place before the winter sets in.

Do you remember our old garden?

This is our new one ........
The previous owner was mad on a model railway and there was a track running the whole length of the garden, with a wall and fence to keep their dogs away. You can see DH taking it down. To the left is a small grass area, a total waste of time. Lots of thought, planning and work for the winter months to make something of it!

For now we managed to find a very small seating area by the kitchen window,
 where the buddleia is attracting butterflies.

We have been lucky; we have been having beautiful weather all this time, which made everything a little easier. And although it is raining as I am writing this, the good weather should last a little longer yet.

I have lots of catching up to do, people and establishments to contact with new address details, but I look forward to visiting you soon, to see what you have been up to!

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  1. Welcome back you have been missed. Wow lots of work your new space looks lovely and I'm sure before to long you will have a beautiful home once again. xx

  2. Welcome back to the blog world. Your new home has needed a lot of TLC and the rooms you have done up look great--esp your sewing room. It is exciting, as well as exhausting, setting up your new home and garden-- but I am sure it will all be worth it.

  3. Dear Radka
    How lovely to see your blog pop up just now!
    Moving is a difficult time, but look what you've achieved already - amazing - Rome wasn't built in a day!
    At least you've got your room sorted that you can retreat to!
    I loved your old garden Radka and before too long you'll knock this one into shape too!

    When I arrived home from France the end of July, my computer packed up.
    After much thought and endless hours looking for a replacement - I'm now set up with a smaller, lighter and faster HP laptop.
    It's a touch screen, so if you're one of those lucky souls with an ipad you'll know all about that!

    I'm slowly getting into the swing of things too - I've done very little visiting but that will change soon!

    I thought of you when I was away - so close on the TGV, maybe one day!

    Take care
    PS I looked everywhere for the Magic Patch magazine, I was even prepared to buy the french version, but I didn't see one!

  4. good to have you back, I was wondering how the move had gone. I have had many hours in Shepton Mallet as I worked the show there for years, seem to remember a very good Indian restaurant.

    You have been busy getting the house the way you want it and good to see you have a garden to bring you the pleasure you got from your last one.

  5. Dear Radka,
    Nice to have you back and to read your News. Lots of work is waiting for you, but as you have some space for sewing it starts to get fine -
    all the best

  6. Radko it's so good to hear from you again .Even if there is lot of work at your new place at the end you will have a home the way you like it. Once again welcome back.

  7. Lovely to have you back Radka and looks like your getting stuck right in. Noticed you got your sewing space organised very quickly( your sanctuary) no doubt.

    Garden looks like a challenge but a fun project for next year.
    Take care and don't work to hard.

  8. Hello Radka , I was so happy to see you back on here as I did miss you. At least when you want to forget all the work that has to be done you can hide in the sewing room. The garden area looks promising and you have done lots in 4 weeks. Lovely photo for the blog header.

  9. I've missed you. Your new sewing area looks fantastic and I can understand the method of not moving in completely until the work is all done otherwise you do end up shifting the same things too many times lol. The garden will evolve and I love the buddleia! Look forward to seeing your new home and garden evolve.

  10. Dear Radka, I missed you - and I am not the only one - but I knew what you were up to so waiting for these good news were quite normal. I love your post - it is wonderful that you should show all this, the progress. Your little room - just perfect. The best on earth is to have one's space. The garden, too. Good luck to you furtheron.

  11. so glad the move is over and you can begin the change to it being your home xx Its a pain but when it is all over it will be wonderful xx

  12. Welcome back Radka and I hope you will be very happy in your new home once you have it sorted out. As your sewing space is all ready I am sure you will be doing lots of machine stitching for a change. Take care.

  13. Oh! Radka, any of us who have made such a large house move, will know just what an upheaval it is. Exciting though to be planning your new home.

    Your own sewing room looks very organised, such a good idea to get it up and running early on so you can escape some of the upheaval.

    It's good to have you back, looking forward to seeing how the garden progresses.

  14. Dear Radka.
    Yes, I missed you and your postings. So good to see you back again :-).
    Your new room looke organized and cozy.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Welcome back Radka you have had such a busy time I hope you will now be able to relax and retreat to your lovely "space". I am sure the garden will soon be blooming with all manner of beautiful plants.

  16. Milá Radko, i já jsem ráda, že jsi zpět. Asi teď nějakou dobu nebudeme vídat tvé krásné ruční práce, když vidím, kolik toho musíte v novém domově zvládnout. Ale vás to určitě těší. Líbí se mi, jak vám to tam všechno krásně kvete, zvlášť ta komule - motýlí keř. Je na to hezký pohled a brzy bude určitě i na váš nový domov. Přeji hezké dny!

  17. Great to see you back Radka. I'm sure you will have lots more to tell us of your new surroundings. Look forward to hearing about them.

  18. Mila Radko, tesi me, ze jsi zase mezi nama. Casto jsem na Tebe myslela.
    Hodne stesti v novem domove preje
    Jana z Hamburku

  19. Good to see you back Radka. Your sewing room looks great. Have fun designing your new home and garden . Bev x

  20. So very nice to have you back Radka and, of course we missed you. I adore your header photo and the flowering tree - lovely. I am sure you are going to make the garden come alive. You have a very nice sewing space - and sooo neat too! Dianne.

  21. Dear Radka,
    it's nice to hear from you again. Thanks for the pictures of your new home. As I see there is plenty to do after the move. Much happiness and joy in the new home!

  22. So good to see that you've already "arrived" somehow in your new home. Your sewing room looks very nice and cosy. And your new garden will again be your little green and flourishing paradise next year. Moving a house and all its belongins needs time...Rome too hasn't been built in one day ;-) ! In my thoughts I'm bringing you a bread with some salt together with all my best wishes for a happy new home.


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