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Sunday, 27 October 2013

end of English Magic Patch

What you see here is issue 69 of English edition of the Magic Patch magazine, unfortunately the last one.
Unaware of what is going to happen, I sent my subscription cheque to IST Publisher at the beginning of September, to start my new subscription from issue 70.
And over a week ago I found out that Magic Patch is no longer being published in English. The publisher's website was down.
Oh, what has happened to my money?
Few days later a letter arrived, telling me that Traplet Publications are going to fulfill the remaining subscriptions, and I could choose from  "Patchwork & Quilting" or "Fabrications Quilting For You" magazines. I chose "Fabrications", a very good patchwork magazine I subscribed to some time ago. This is very nice from Traplet, but of course good for them also - they are getting new subscribers for their magazines, which hopefully will stay with them after the initial subscription expires.

I believe that the original French version of Magic Patch is being published as before.
Actually, this is not the first time this has happened to English Magic Patch, and it did return some time later. May be it will happen again.......

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  1. At least you got something for your money. When Creative Needle in the US went under several years ago, they just disappeared with our money!

  2. Great to hear you got something for your money. Shame about the magazine though.

  3. Strange things are happening. I hope you will be satisfied with the other magazine. I stopped reading Magic Patch already some time ago (in French). Too much material to store. I can't throw away lovely magazines, oh, oh.

  4. I hope you enjoy the new mag as much as Magic Patch. This has happened to a couple of Aussie mags that I used to subscribe to, but are now not printed at all. I hope is doesn't mean that our craft is starting to wane - there are still a lot of quilters/crafters out there. The 'younger' ones who are crafting are doing the 'modern look' and don't purchase our style of magazine.

  5. what a shame, I looked at magic patch in Smith`s last week but came away with Quiltmaker instead. Will not buy fabrications as you have to enlarge the templates but do have popular patchwork on subscription which I like best of the English ones and they do full sized templates

  6. That is a shame when a favourite magazine goes by the wayside. At least you didn't loose your money either. I would have been very nervous waiting for the outcome.

  7. Your new storage units look wonderful.. I like all your selections of books, I always like things Handmade Scandinavian.. The Czech. book looks like a very good read too.. Hugs Judy

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