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Friday, 25 October 2013

what is in the woods?

Following our fantastic summer, the nature has been most productive this autumn; from all sorts of berries to other "things that lurk" in the woods.

Some of these pictures would probably make good subjects for embroidery; do feel free to use them if you want to.

I bet that you can't see me!

  And a reward for an early morning walk - some for breakfast and lots for drying.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Jééé.... to jsou houbičky jak z pohádkového lesa:-)

  2. Mums!!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Wonderful Pictures and a great breakfast -
    have a nice autumn and many greetings

  4. Oh yum, if you know for sure what you are eating. Great pictures.

  5. Don't tell me, dear Radka, that you found and photographed all this during one walk. It is tremendous! It is great and wonderful.

  6. Zdá se, že u vás je velmi příznivé počasí pro houbičky všeho druhu. Ten hříbek je tedy přímo ukázkový. Mě by ale z hlediska barvení vlny zajímaly i ty nejedlé. Bohužel u nás se letos nic neurodilo. Doufám, že už jste se zabydleli v novém domově. Přeji hezké dny.

  7. GORGEOUS mushrooms Radka.
    A feast for the eyes - were they edible so you could feast on them too?!
    Love the fruits of the forest in Autumn!

  8. Beautiful pictures and a delicious breakfast. !!!!

  9. yes, great images for embroidery, I see them everywhere.
    As usual a super header pic.

  10. They all look fantastic and what a delicious array of mushrooms for eating too.

  11. you have certainly found lots of fungus on your walk, must try and get over to Roundhay Park next week and see what I can find! Weather permitting of course.

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