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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

is is really November ?

That means that we have been in our new house just over 3 months, hard to believe!
There has been quite a bit of progress, new windows, new doors, cavity wall insulation... Thankfully all the workmen have gone and DH can do his bit, painting and painting.....

Upstairs is now finished and it looks clean and bright, we are only waiting for the arrival of some furnishing; new blinds for all 3 upstairs rooms,

and a small sofa for the second bedroom (which is no longer a bedroom). This is where I make my visits to your lovely blogs, and where all our (non-craft and non-cookery) books are.

New storage unit for my room has arrived from Storage4crafts, to house most of my fabric stash. 
I really like this one, I can see at a glance what is in the draws.

DH has now started working on the stairs. When we lifted the old horrid carpet, we found that the stairs are
not in such a bad state and we decided to keep them "carpet free". Lots of sanding, oiling and painting and it is still very much "work in progress", but I think that they will look nice when done.

The work in the garden has come to a halt, mainly due to the weather, and at the first glance it looks like nothing has happened here. Thinking that is a mistake, DH has worked hard to take down all those little brick walls and raised beds, in fact to date he has removed more then 500 bricks from the garden and there is more to go. The previous owner loved brick walls, in fact some of the bricks have gone to him, to start building again!


A new rowan tree has been planted at the bottom of the garden and a plum tree is waiting to go in.
I would not say that the garden is taking shape yet, but I think we slowly getting some idea what to do with it.
I am trying to get back to stitching, it has been hard to find motivation, but I am working on Santa's Village and should be able to show you another part of it soon.

Some new additions to my book shelves.

As you can see I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit, and just hope that the living room will look respectable enough by then to put up some decorations.

And what is on my bedside table?

Although a fiction, the story is based on a real room in a real house, Villa Tugendhat in Brno, in Czech Republic, "one of the great buildings of European modernism", designed in 1928.
Some of our Czech friends, at least those living in Brno, will recognize the building.
If you click on the link above, you can read the real story of "the house".

Simon Mawer tells a fascinating story of the family who built the house, and the story of the house itself, during the second world war and after, and people who lived or worked there.
The house is now a museum, opened to public. You can also read more about it here .

A picture of the Glass Room in Villa Tugendhat from Wikipedia,

and you can see a picture of the whole building here .

A lovely book, I have really enjoyed reading it.

© 2013


  1. you house is coming along a treat, envious of your rooms for blogging and stitching, it appears you have 2 rooms. The storgae looks amazing, being able to see at a glance instead of having to look through drawers, boxes etc is heaven!
    Garden is coming along and I am sure next spring you will be hard at it getting it to look wonderful

  2. Oh upstairs is looking fantastic and the saris etc are coming along nicely. You won't know yourself soon. It all looks beautiful and Your DH has been wonderful with all his handiwork. Beautiful pics thanks enjoy your books !!!

  3. You have already done a great job inside and outside. Lovely books, I think you like the scandinavian style:-))

    Hugs Gudrun

  4. Such a lovely looking house and the garden will be beautiful before long.

    I find it is hard to do much creating if I am working on the renovations around the house.

    I love to see your quilts on display in the house too.

  5. Dear Radka,
    Your house turns out very beautiful, I am sure the garden will also turn out more than that. Interesting books - the Limoncello and Lavender (so they call it here) is also on my wish list, scandinavian Christmas seems to be very interesting and so are the links -

  6. Glad the workmen have finished their bit. It is a pain working around them sometimes. Love your pics and you have some lovely new books too.

  7. I love the rooms. They look beautiful. The bed with the red bedcover. And your Studio. The storage is perfect.
    Your garden --- great work -- a garden needs much time to grow and your DH will still have enough to do, which might mean time for you to be in your room with needle and thread. I read the texts about the Tugendhat house. Oh my, what a story.

  8. You and your husband have certainly had a busy few months, Radka. The garden and rooms are coming along beautifully. Your Christmas books are yummy looking. Di.

  9. Hello Radka, Your home is looking wonderful ,the upstairs has lovely natural light and love your new room for your craft. Soon you will have heaps of time when the renovations are finished and will enjoy your garden and sewing days as before. Love the book choices.


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