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Sunday, 10 November 2013

return to Stourhead

You have been with me to Stourhead many times before, but I never tire of taking pictures here and autumn must be the best time to come.
It is a longer drive for us since our move, but still worth the trip.
After a long spell of rain and windy weather it is no surprise that there are so many visitors here today.

Have a good week!

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  1. Nádherné, překrásné, dokonalá romantika! Ještě si tak v duchu představuji pana Darcyho jak se prochází s Elizabeth...
    Tak teď vážně - samotné by se mi taková procházka moc líbila, ani by nemusel být nablízku pan Darcy.

  2. How lucky you were and how lucky we are to see your wonderful photos, too.

  3. Stunning photos thank you Radka :)

  4. every time you share Stourhead it reminds me of the one visit I made back in the 90`s, a most beautiful estate to wander around and can see autumn in all its glory with these photos

  5. What a beautiful place this is in Autumn colours. It must be enjoyable to stroll down the path surrounded by all this beauty.

  6. The two red trees among all other at one photo---so wonderful!
    Great photos.

  7. The autumn colours are stunning. This is what I would love to see as we do not the change in the colours like this in Sydney. Just beautiful.

  8. Dear Radka,
    many thanks for the beautiful pictures of Stourhead ! A gorgeous autumn mood-they bring me back to the time when I was there once...
    I wish you a nice week ! Carmen

  9. Again such beautiful photos Radka. The colours are glorious, so different from what we have here in Oz.

  10. I never get tired of seeing your visits to Stourhead and the photos are spectacular. Take care.

  11. Stourhead is a very beautiful place to visit Radka.
    I love the temple on the edge of the lake.
    Wonderful autumn colour and I love your pretty leaves!



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