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Saturday, 8 February 2014

what is on my bedside table

There are two books I want to share with you today.

The first one is "RALLI QUILTS -Traditional Textiles from Pakistan and India".
It a beautiful book, a feast for eyes; quilts created in basic conditions, without all that specialised sewing equipment available to us.
I saw this book on Tiggy's blog and it got my attention. Knowing Tiggy, it had to be good. Do pop over to her blog - her stitching is just as colourful.

My book is a "used" one. The previous owner was a library in Columbus, Ohio, and although obviously well read, still in very good condition.

This book reminded me that some time ago I made this small Korak sample. I wonder where it is? I still haven't unpacked all my stuff since our house move.
This is nothing to do with the book above, it was just the colours... Korak is a very different way of making a quilt. May be I should make a large one - some day...

The second book is a novel, "Under the Skin" by Michael Faber.

This is a very unusual book. It is a second time I am reading it, the first time was a few years ago, and I remember I felt "disturbed" when I finished it, this book is unlike anything else I have read, the most unsettling one.
I could not put it down the first time, and I rushed to get to the end, to find out what it was all about.
So, I am taking my time the second time around, to enjoy the writing; it is hard to believe that this was Michael Faber's first novel.

If you like an unusual, a thought provoking mystery, give it a try.

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Tiggy Rawling said...

Hey, the book has arrived. So glad you like it!

Joy V said...

Love the look of the textiles in this book Radka. The colours are amazing.

Jules Woolford said...

Wonderful colours, and so vibrant! Your second book also looks very interesting so I will investigate both further:)

Barbara said...

Ralli quilt certainly is a very interesting textile book. Thank you for presenting it! I'm always glad to get to know new titles.

Dianne said...

Very inspiring designs in the Ralli Quilt book. I adore their use of colour.

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