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Saturday, 29 March 2014

felt and concrete

The other day, when playing in my room, my eight year old granddaughter discovered felt - and her new hobby was born.
               That day she made herself a note book.                                            

From there she progressed to stitching - and has made this lovely double sided bag.

Of course, our six year old grandson had his own project, with a little help from granddad.

And me?
Autumn chicken - work in progress.

What about the concrete? Well, we are (or I should say DH is) still re-claiming our new garden.
Would you believe that this mountain of concrete came from the small patch of garden behind it?
This is besides the area of concrete to the left of it (shown in one of the previous posts), which we are keeping as a base for the summer house.

As from midnight tonight our clocks are changing to Summer Time, and this weekend it really feels like the spring has arrived.

To all mums in UK I wish a very happy Mother's Day for tomorrow!

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  1. Dear Radka,
    How nice, to work with your grandchildren and enjoy their creative part. I wish you a happy mothers day tomorrow, here it will be in May -

  2. Lovely to have your GD enjoy your stitching passion. Her projects are lovely. That's an awful lot of concert and work !!!!

  3. Happy Mothers Day to you too. In Australia, Mothers day is in May.
    Lovely to see your grandchildren involved in craft-- lovely times together. Our clocks go back 1 hour next weekend. Enjoy spring there.

  4. how very talented Anna is and only 8, can see she has already learnt a lot from you, your grandson too looks pretty skilled. I wonder when digging my garden why I find concrete buried, recently found a black bin bag with christmas tinsel in whatever next i wonder

  5. Lovely projects for the kids and have a happy mother's day. Take care.

  6. Skvělá vnoučata !Moc mi chybí moje babička,ke které jsem jezdila na prázdniny,učila mě šít,plést,háčkovat..Doufám,že si to také někdy užiju s mými vnoučaty.


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