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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

something new and something ugly

At home, nursing a tummy bug (or food poisoning, who knows) and in no mood for stitching, today's post was a welcome sight.
"Down Under Quilts" is a new magazine for me.
In the supplement "World of Quilts - India"  is a projects by our Tiggy Rawling  "Shisha Embroidery"   

and Mini Quilt by Gillian Travis.

The sweet little quilt on the front cover is by Esther Aliu.

Our quilters blogging world is not so large after all!

Of course, there are lots more lovely goodies inside the magazine and its supplement.

There is also an interesting article, with suggestions, on how to take pictures of your finished projects.
Shame it is just Part 1, it is pricey to buy magazines from the other side of the world.

I have thought that I am old enough not to get easily shocked, but Brenda Wood's article "Australia's Most Wanted" has managed just that.

We, stitchers, are a caring lot; we share our knowledge, we go to shows to admire and get inspired by other's work, but obviously some are more caring then others. It is hard to believe that quilters would steal from each other, but that is just what this article is about. The author had her quilt stolen off the wall, within the first two hours of Brisbane exhibition. Quilts are being stolen not only from shows, but from luggage during quiltmakers trips, from postal parcels, even during workshops, not talking about breaking into shops.
There are pictures of some of the "disappeared" quilts inside the magazine, this is just one of them,
"Feathers Unfolden" by Brenda Wood. If you see this stunning quilt on your travels, the chances are that it is not where it should be.

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  1. I used to buy this magazine all the time.. It is a wonderful magazine..Lovely quilts. I do not create quilt much any more so hence No more quilting Magazine.Hugs Judy

  2. hope you are soon feeling better x it is so sad that some people feel they can just "take" what they want .. makes you wonder about the security .. there will NO quilts entered for ANY shows if this is not STOPPEd x

  3. Hope you are feeling better now! What a lovely flower in your header!

  4. Hope you are getting better very soon!
    A wonderful quilt you show.
    Hugs Gudrun

  5. I hope you are feeling better now? And how dreadful about the quilts being stolen. It happens quite a lot at Brisbane for some reason. One of these days no one will want to show their quilts.

    It's the same with Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn, they had a lot of their piece stolen as well.

  6. Sad when some steal quiltwork :-(
    Hope you are feeling better.

  7. Hope you are feeling better and thanks for the update about the stolen quilts, unbelievable !

  8. do hope you have recovered now. Not seen these magazines but at sewing for pleasure spent a long time looking at Gillian`s pieces, she had some lovely things on display and was so interesting to talk to

  9. Poor you, still at least you had something to read! I haven't opened my magazine yet, I've been saving it for quieter days, which are just around the corner,

  10. Hope you are feeling better today. Nothing worse than a tummy bug or a head cold to stop us in our tracks. I read that article on the missing quilts some time back I think as it all seems familiar. There are a few undesirables around even in the crafting world unfortunately.

  11. Hope you are feeling better now Radka.
    Yes unbelievable that these quilting works of art are stolen especially if by other quilters.

  12. Hope you are feeling better soon Radka. I'm the same with mags from overseas - the postage is what is the killer. Downunder Quilts is one of fav mag. Of course I can get it from my local shop, but ordering mags from O/s to Australia is not worth it when I can look at quite a few on-line. You don't get the pattern sheet of course, but often you can purchase the pattern from the designer.


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